Weekend Recap {March 31 - April 2, 2017}

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Why do weekends fly by so quickly!?! I always feel like I need another day to do all the things I never got to over the weekend, or just relax and do nothing.

I ended up working quite a bit over the weekend because I had a workshop out of town and I also had a meeting for gathering information and insight about my business. 

But the BF and I made time for fun (a movie and a hike) and time with family. 

Friday, March 31

I got my hair cut and colored. Then I spent the evening preparing for the Detox Workshop I had the next morning. 

I made these Bliss Bites for the workshop. They're energy bars that have greens in them! You can get the greens powder I use here.

I threw together a rice bowl with roasted Brussels sprouts, asparagus, kale and tofu for dinner.

Saturday, April 1

I started my day here. My new favorite place in our house.

I had protein oatmeal topped with fresh raspberries and cashew butter for breakfast. I also drank warm water with apple cider vinegar. 

My workshop was at Avani Yoga Studio in Hastings. I took the twisty detox yoga class before my workshop started, and it felt amazing. 

I took along my Greens Blend and the Bliss Bites for the attendees to try. What's better for detoxing than a greens drink!

I love doing workshops, and I was really proud of the content in this new workshop. 

When I got home, I was starving. I whipped up avocado toast topped with eggs, as usual.

The BF and I had to go downtown for a fun little appointment, and we ended up browsing an antique store, a furniture store and Buffalo Records. 

I was hungry again, so we drove through Panera and I got a Carrot Pineapple Smoothie. I have a sensitivity to pineapple, but I took a walk on the wild side and got it anyway. It was good! (and I didn't have any reactions). 

That evening, we saw Pulp Fiction at the World Theatre. I never saw it in the theater, so it was fun. 

However, we made the mistake of not eating before the movie and by the time it was over all the sit down restaurants in town were closed. We ended up going to Perkin's, and I may have had the worst meal of my life. 

Sunday, April 2

I had avocado toast with eggs (again). 

Then went to Starbucks to meet up with, Erin, who met with me so I could get some insights from her about my business. I ordered the new coconut milk macchiato, which was delicious. 

I was so appreciative that Erin took time out of her Sunday to meet with me! It was super helpful! I'm working on making some changes to my health coaching programs and offerings! Exciting stuff!

When I got home, I had an abundance of energy (sugar + caffeine), so I used it to take out the recycling and compost, put away laundry, pick up the house and meal prep for the week. 

For lunch, I had a massaged kale salad with roasted sweet potatoes, hemp seeds, pepitas, shaved Brussels sprouts and Hilary's Chia Ranch dressing, and sweet potato and butternut squash soup topped with hemp seeds. I've been lazy lately and haven't been making my own salad dressing, so I bought this dairy-free dressing. It's really good!

In the afternoon, the BF and I went to Fort Kearny to walk the new part of the hike and bike trail and watch the Platte River. 

The sun was out after what seemed like weeks of dreary, cold, rainy weather.

The BF had some things he needed at Menard's, and I got overly excited over the fact that the garden center was open.

We went home with succulents, tomatoes and some seeds for our garden. 

My parents and niece had been out of town all weekend, so we invited them over for taco night. 

The BF pretty much made everything, I just put things in pretty bowls.

It was a perfect end to the weekend. 

I have a busy week ahead. I'm working on putting the finishing touches on my upcoming guided detox, I'm giving an Eating for Energy workshop, I'm teaching five fitness classes and yoga classes, I have some online business classes to do and I have some tasks to complete for the upcoming Girls on the Run 5K. 

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