Birthday Cake Energy Balls

Posted May 1, 2017 in Birthday Cake Energy Balls, energy balls, plant protein, vegan protein powder, cake batter energy balls, birthday cake protein balls, plant protein powder

I get it, sometimes you want a little birthday cake...even if it's not your birthday. Make these Birthday Cake Energy Balls whenever you want because they're full of protein and nutritious ingredients!


I'm currently listening to soul music, drinking champagne and eating these Birthday Cake Energy Balls. I take celebrating my birthday very seriously!

My niece actually gave me the idea to make energy balls that taste like birthday cake. I knew it was something I had to do on my birthday this year since I've been obsessed with making energy balls over the past year. 

I had seen recipes for cake batter energy balls before, so I didn't reinvent the wheel. I used a delicious recipe from the Healthy Maven. You can get it here

However, I used my favorite vanilla plant protein instead of the recommended whey protein. Total realness, I think the protein powder I use takes the flavor of energy balls up about a thousand notches. You can get it here

I also prefer plant protein over whey protein because plant protein powder can often be easier to digest and it has less of an environmental impact than whey protein. 

I also don't eat dairy, so I avoid whey protein. Using my plant protein powder also makes these energy balls vegan. 

I also skipped the sprinkles made with artificial colors and found some made with natural colors at my local health food store. I bought Sprinkelz Confetti. When I make these energy balls again, I'll probably buy these natural sprinkles because they're the longer ones and they're a little brighter. But I didn't plan ahead enough to get them before my birthday ; )

These seriously taste like little bites of cake. 

What do you do to celebrate your birthday? Share in the comments below!

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