It's My Birthday!

Posted May 1, 2017 in birthday, personal development, health coach, entrepreneur, health coaching, do less, Kate Northrup, being present

Today is my 34th birthday! I love using my birthday as a time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the coming year.


I love birthdays! 

Birthdays are like the new year in my book. It's a time to look back at the past year and take some time to set new goals and intentions for the coming year. 

I also think it's a time to really celebrate. I always take a vacation day from work, and spend the day doing exactly what I want. I'm also a fan of giving yourself a birthday week or a birthday month!

Here's a look back at my 33rd year...

  • I ran my 10th half-marathon.
  • I coordinated my first and second Girls on the Run 5Ks.
  • I discovered the cause of my hormonal migraines, made a few lifestyle changes, and haven't had a migraine since!
  • I taught my first college journalism course.
  • I co-founded a local organization for entrepreneurs.
  • I went through yoga teacher training and began teaching yoga.
  • I bought my dream car - a Subaru Crosstrek.
  • I became Nutritious Life Certified.
  • I enrolled in B-School.
  • I launched my first, second and third online group health coaching programs. 
  • I got engaged!!!! (you'll get the whole story soon)

Those are just the big things that happened in my 33rd year. There were so many moments with my loved ones and friends that made the year special. 

There were also some big realizations and lessons. I'm definitely the type of person who thrives on having a lot going on. I love feeling productive and like I'm moving toward my goals. 

But this is also my downfall. I tend to say yes to too much, put a lot of pressure on myself to get things done, and I get overwhelmed and stressed. I also can't give 100 percent to any one thing because I'm spread too thin.

I launched my health coaching business in 2015, so since then I've been building my business while working full-time, teaching fitness classes and volunteering for a few organizations. I even threw in teaching a college course last semester and going through yoga teacher training last year. 

Which is why my word for 2017 is intention. I've been focusing on getting clear on my intentions and taking conscious, inspired action that's aligned with my words and desires. 

It feels like there is more space in my life this year, I've been more intentional about the things I say yes to, and I've been gaining more clarity about my life and business. But I'm far from perfect. I still feel that pull to say yes, and I find myself feeling overwhelmed. 

In my 34th year, I intend to do less. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on my goals and planning on spending all my time with Netflix. I intend take care of myself by paying more attention to my energetic needs, be more strategic about the work I'm doing, and allow for more expansion in my life. (I discovered the concept of doing less and creating more from Kate Northrup, if you're interested).

I intend to focus on being more present this year. I'm often looking toward the future and thinking about all the things I need to get done. I also tend to pick up my phone and scroll social media when I have moments of white space. I struggle with balancing building an online business and taking enough time offline. 

This year is going to be big! I'm finishing up B-School and getting ready to launch my new website. I'm launching my newly revamped one-on-one health coaching programs. Oh, and I'm planning a wedding! All exciting things!

Cheers to 34!

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