The Proposal + Our Engagement Celebration

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This is the biggest news I've ever shared on Sweet Success...I'm engaged! I'm sharing all the details from the proposal and our weekend of celebrating.


I'm engaged! 

I snuck this big announcement into my birthday post last week, but I wanted to share more because this is big big news!

If you've been following the Sweet Success blog from the beginning (six years!), then you've gotten to know the BF. Our seven year dating anniversary is in July, and he's always been a big part of the stories that I share here.

Which is why I want to take you along on our wedding/marriage journey beginning with how we got engaged!

The Proposal - March 18, 2017

The BF had planned a weekend in Omaha to see a band he really liked. He booked the hotel and made all the plans for the weekend. I was feeling kind of 'meh' about the band, but I'm always up for a trip to Omaha. 

Before we left the house, the BF asked if I wanted to stop at Platte River State Park to go on a hike before we went into Omaha. 

We didn't have to be in Omaha by a certain time and the weather was finally feeling like spring, so I put my hiking shoes on. 

After arriving at Platte River State Park and getting a trail map, we started hiking. The BF and I love hiking together. We always have the best conversations about our life together, our successes and fears, our future and more. Being in nature always helps us to reconnect.

We came across a beautiful stream with a little waterfall and veered off of the trail to walk by the stream. We heard a woodpecker, and when we looked up we could see him clearly. We stopped to admire the beauty around us - there was this beautiful quietness. We often do this while hiking...just stop to look around and notice.

We took a selfie, then the BF took my phone from my hands. I thought he was going to take my picture, but he put my phone in his pocket and grabbed my hands.

He looked into my eyes and told me that he loved me. Everything that he said from here forward is kind of a blur. I realized that he was getting a bit emotional as he was talking to me, and I just thought it was because we had been having a really beautiful moment in nature together.

Then he got down on one knee, pulled a red jewelry box out of his pocket, opened it up exposing a gorgeous diamond ring, and said, "Will you marry me?". 

I was beyond surprised. I put my hands over my mouth and started to cry as I said yes. 

We hugged and kissed and laughed and cried for a long time by the stream. 

Then we began hiking back to our car, and the BF shared details about when he decided to ask, his ring shopping experience and asking my dad for his blessing. 

In the car, we called my parents (who already knew it was going to happen), his sisters, my brother and my niece. It was really fun to share the news. 

The Celebration

As we were driving into Omaha, the BF revealed that we weren't going to see the band. That he had dinner reservations, and we were going to have a night of celebrating. Yes!

I had only brought jeans because I thought we were going to a bar to watch a rock show. So we made a quick stop at the mall so that I could buy a dress before we checked into our hotel. 

We also stopped at Spirit World to buy a champagne stopper because the BF had brought a bottle of champagne for our celebration.

When we got to our hotel, the Marriott in Aksarben Village, the BF surprised me with a super fancy bottle of champagne. 

We sipped champagne while we got ready for our night out. 

I was really happy with my quick dress find. 

Dinner was at Modern Love, my favorite restaurant in Omaha (which also happens to be vegan).

We've been to Modern Love multiple times, and we always have such a great experience there. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is intimate and special, and we always seem to be celebrating something. 

Did you think I could get through an entire blog post without talking about food? Nope. I had curry with tofu, and it was amazing. 

The BF had a vegan pot pie, which was also delicious.

We shared the vegan cherry crumble with ice cream, which was perhaps the best dessert I've ever eaten. 

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to finish our champagne. 

Then we walked to some nearby bars to have more celebratory drinks. We went to Liv Lounge then Herbe Sainte, a New Orleans inspired cocktail bar that has a really cool atmosphere, hipster bartenders and old fashioned drinks. 

The whole day felt so special and magical. 

Before we left for Omaha, I had registered for a Sunday morning yoga class at Lotus House of Yoga because it was located a block from our hotel. I, of course, didn't know the whole weekend was an engagement celebration. When I told the BF I was thinking of signing up for the class, he didn't want to tell me not to because he thought I would think something was up. 

I considered skipping it so we could spend more time together in our hotel, but the BF told me to go while he slept in. It was a restorative yoga class, so it was actually the perfect way to let the whole weekend sink in and take some time for meditation. I'm glad that I went. 

We left Omaha and made a stop in Hastings, the BF's hometown, to tell his dad and stepmom, and some of our friends who live there. It was really fun to tell everyone in person. 

When we got home, my mom had planned a celebratory dinner with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and my SIL's parents. She made it really special, and bought bridal magazines, wine and flowers. 

It was the perfect way to end the weekend. Everyone was so excited, and it was fun to share the proposal story and celebrate with people we love. 

Wedding Planning

Since we got engaged almost two months ago, we've started the planning process. We have a vision for the energy and feeling that we want at our wedding, and I've started researching wedding venues. 

I'll be honest, I've left things out of my Weekend Recap posts since our engagement because we waited to share the news on social media until recently. So I had to wait to share the news with you!

Over the past few weekends, we went to the jewelry store to get my ring sized, I've been doing a lot of research on venues, and I've spent hours pinning on my secret wedding Pinterest boards. 

I welcome all your wedding planning advice! I'm totally clueless. 

Also, what should I call the BF now? Share your ideas in the comments!

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