Throw a Magical Unicorn Party {for adults}

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You're never too old to have a magical unicorn themed birthday party! Find out how I threw myself a unicorn party to celebrate turning 34. 


I turned 34 on May 1, and decided to celebrate my birthday with a Magical Unicorn Garden Party!

When I began researching ideas for decor and food for unicorn parties, all I could find was party ideas for toddlers. Apparently, there aren't many adults that throw unicorn parties. 

So I made the party my own, and it ended up being a lot of fun. 

Here's a look at my unicorn party and my weekend...

Saturday, May 13

I had cold protein oats with raspberries, water with lemon and coffee for breakfast. 

I taught two yoga classes in the morning at the CHI Wellness Center, and I drank my minerals and antioxidant drink during and after class.

Then I got to work preparing the food, cleaning the house and getting the house ready for the party while the fiancé mowed the lawn and put up our new outdoor lights on the pergola. My niece came over to help. She frosted cupcakes and made a "what's your unicorn name" game. She also took a little nap on our hammock.

For lunch, she and I had salads with mixed greens, chickpeas, pepitas, Hilary's ranch chia dressing and Gomasio. I also had a kombucha. I knew I'd be indulging in some sweet treats and drinks at the party, so I made sure my meals were nourishing and energizing throughout the day.

We spent the entire day preparing for the party. To be honest, I was exhausted and had many moments of regret about organizing a party. There's so much work that goes into prepping for a party! But the decor ended up looking amazing and the food was delicious. 

The fiancé grilled beef burgers and veggie burgers, and I made beet hummus, which I served with pita chips and rice crackers, a quinoa spinach berry salad with poppy seed dressing and some sweets. The party was potluck, so guests also brought side dishes. 

Actually, all of our guests brought chips and dip, so we have an abundance of chips in our house right now. 

I made all of my menu labels on Canva. 

I ordered a unicorn cake from the HyVee bakery. It had so much frosting on it that after I cut it, the pieces just fell over. But it was cute. 

Unicorn energy balls.

Champagne gummi bears made with Black Forest Gummy Bears, which are made without artificial colors. 

When I throw a party, I like to have a combination of healthy dishes and indulgent treats. But I also like to choose higher quality ingredients for my indulgent dishes, like using gummi bears made with natural colors. 

"You are magical like a unicorn" printable from Etsy. My cupcake stand is similar to this one

"Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn" printable from Etsy.

I also made a Unicorn cocktail, but I forgot to take a picture. I combined 100% mixed berry juice, orange juice, champagne, club soda and vodka together in a pitcher. 

My niece wrote "unicorn facts" on index cards as well. They were really cute. 

Everyone hung out in the backyard eating, drinking and chatting. 

I bought tiny party hats at Target that we wore as unicorn horns. 

After the sun went down, we made a fire in the fire pit and made s'mores. 

It was a fun night. It was a super casual party, and the unicorn theme wasn't overdone. It was just enough to make it silly and fun. It was the perfect way to celebrate 34!

Sunday, May 14

I started the day outside under the pergola reading, writing in my gratitude journal, drinking coffee and meditating. 

After having more sugar than usual (and some dairy), I felt like I needed to get my digestion back on track so I had a kombucha.

The fiancé and I went hiking at Cottonmill Park. It was pretty hot, but ended up hiking the two mile loop.

We stopped at Buffalo Records, then we went to Cabela's to look at kayaks. We've been talking about buying kayaks for a couple of years, and now that the weather is warmer we really want them. 

We celebrated Mother's Day with a dinner at my parent's house. My mom made her traditional homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and salad. 

The fiancé and I ended the night by drinking wine under the lights of our pergola and planning our summer travel. 

Although getting ready for the party was a lot of work, it ended up being a lot of fun. I'm really grateful that my friends and family just go with the flow when I have silly ideas. 

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