How to Save for Your Wedding {when you're not frugal}

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Not a frugalista? Neither am I! Don't worry, there are still simple ways to save money for your wedding, dream vacation or next big purchase.


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Wedding planning is happening! 

My fiancé and I got engaged about two months ago, (you can read about it here), and we're just beginning to plan for the big day.

Some of my priorities during the wedding planning process are to take care of myself, be present and really enjoy planning the wedding and all the festivities, and to keep things low stress.  

Finances can be a huge source of stress any time, but can be even more stressful during wedding planning. Which is why we're being really mindful about saving for our wedding, our budget and the cost of the wedding.

I know money can be an uncomfortable topic, but our relationship with money and the stress that we allow finances to create are all connected to our health and overall well being. So I think it's worth talking about. 

And if you're planning your wedding or saving for something big, the tips I'm sharing could relieve some of your stress around money.


When I was in my 20's, my parents started a wedding savings account for me. They contributed to the savings account each month until they had reached the amount they wanted to save for my future wedding. 

I thought it was really crazy that they were saving for my wedding before I was even dating anyone, but now I'm so grateful. Luckily, we'll be able to pay for most of our wedding with the money from that savings account. 

This is such a relief for my fiancé and I because neither of us are frugal and saving can be a challenge for us. I'm working on some of my blocks around money by reading the book, Money, A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want by Kate Northrup.

But one piece of advice my cousin gave me recently was to plan ahead for extra expenses that come up during wedding planning. 

This could be buying a new dress for the engagement party or bridal shower, getting engagement photos taken, taking trips out of state to look at venues (yes, we're having a destination wedding), going out of town for wedding dress shopping, paying for our honeymoon, etc. All the pre- and post-wedding stuff adds up!

We want to avoid dipping into our personal savings accounts, using credit cards or using our monthly spending money because we know those are things that will cause stress. 

Here's how we're saving...

Automatic Transfers to Savings - My fiancé and I are both having a certain amount withdrawn from our bank accounts each month, and transferred to our wedding savings account. I love this because my transfer is scheduled for the day I get paid each month, so I don't even notice and I don't have to do anything. 

Digit -  I'll be honest, saving money is hard for me, which is why I do automatic transfers and why I love using Digit. My bank account is connected to Digit, which moves money from my account to a Digit savings account every day. Digit moves tiny amounts of money - $.23 or $.57 or $.05 - and it will never move money if your account balance is low so you'll never get an overdraft. When you want the money, you text Digit and they'll transfer the money to your checking account. 

Selling Stuff - Ever since I watched the documentary, Minimalism, I've been slowly going through our house and getting rid of stuff. The stuff that has value, I sell. I use our local Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook page, Poshmark and a local consignment store. Every time I sell something, the money goes in our honeymoon fund. 

Making Small Changes - My fiancé and I are not frugal people. I very loosely stick to my budget every month. Sticking to a strict budget feels like dieting to me, and I don't do diets. We're lucky enough to live a life that allows us to buy what we need and want whenever we need or want it, but it definitely makes it harder for us to pinch pennies when we need to. So we're making small changes (which is also my approach to weight loss)...

  • Eating out once a week. Often on weekends, we eat out a few times because we don't plan ahead. We're planning meals ahead of time to avoid going out.
  • Cancel subscriptions. As much as it pained me, I cancelled my Audible and YogaGlo subscriptions. I'm also not getting any Fabletics or Stitch Fix boxes right now. 
  • Using things up. We have a deep freezer and a pantry full of food. I've been trying to plan meals around what we already have rather than buying a ton of groceries. I've also been using up all the makeup and skincare samples I have rather than buying new full size products. 
  • Being mindful of needs vs. wants. This is something also inspired by Minimalism, but I've been taking a moment to think about whether an item is something we truly need. I have significantly cut down on my spending at Target and on Amazon! 

Side Hustles - I'm all about the side hustle! Luckily, my side hustles are awesome and fun. 

  • Yoga classes. I teach yoga. My yoga offerings will be expanding soon, which I'm so excited about. I'll be able to make yoga accessible to so many more people, and I'll save most of what I earn for our wedding and honeymoon.
  • Health coaching. Someday my health coaching business with be my main hustle, but for now it's what I do after my 8 to 5. I'll be saving a certain amount of my health coaching income every month for our wedding.
  • Nutrition products. You've seen all of my smoothie and energy ball recipes. Well, when you buy the products I recommend, I make money ; ) I love it because I actually use all of the products and I know that they're amazing. They're products I would share with you even if it didn't impact my bank account. This is actually my one side hustle that I can open up to you! Yep, you can get it on this one and earn an income to save up for your own wedding or vacation, or just have a little extra each month for date night and wine. Now is actually the best time to join because the company is offering an opportunity to win a free cruise in January 2018! For more information, click here

Making these small changes doesn't feel restrictive. They're small changes that feel manageable and allow us to have some freedom. This works for us. 

I'll keep you updated on our wedding planning and what I'm doing to stay healthy and manage stress during the wedding planning process!

How are you saving for your wedding or vacation or big purchase? Share in the comments!

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