Summer Body Goals

Posted June 7, 2017 in summer body goals, body positivity, self-love, body love, self-care, body confidence, Embrace Your Body Challenge, embrace your body

Imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about our bodies instead of the things we hate. Make your summer body goal to love yourself more!


What if your summer body goals included loving your body more, thinking kinder thoughts about your body and speaking kinder words about your body?

Those goals feel a lot different than lose 10 pounds, get a flat stomach and get rid of cellulite.

I've spent summer after summer with the second set of goals, and they always left me feeling totally miserable. I spent too much time comparing myself to others, wishing my body was different and avoiding all activities that involved swimwear or shorts. 

It's totally OK if you'd like to lose a some weight or get stronger. But what if you began your journey by learning to love your body?

When you try to lose weight or change your body because you hate it, your journey is going to be torture and you most likely won't stick to the healthy habits that got you to your goal. And if you hate your body before you lose weight, you're probably not going to suddenly love your body when you're skinnier. 

When you begin to appreciate and love your body at each stage it's in, you naturally want to care for your body. 

So, what's the first step to loving your body more this summer?

Take some time to write down how you want to feel this summer - an intention for the season. 

Maybe you want to feel grounded, connected, confident, free, radiant, silly, present, happy, creative, joyful, energized or creative. 

How can you cultivate those feelings this summer?

Loving your body more can begin with this simple practice! I know just how much of an impact making small changes can have on self-confidence and body image, which is why I created a free program and private community to motivate you as you create a happy and healthy life, and body that you love. 

The 10-Day Embrace Your Body Challenge begins June 12, 2017!

When you join this challenge, you'll join a community of women on a journey to create their happiest, healthiest and most empowered lives. 

You'll complete simple daily tasks that will help you embrace your body more. You'll share your experience and transformation with a community of women for extra support and accountability. 

Sign up by sharing your name and email here. A few days before the challenge begins, you'll receive an email with the daily tasks. 

You'll also have the chance to win a scholarship for my upcoming 30-Day Summer Body Love Program and a Nourish Your Body Product Bundle. 

Join for free here!

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