Two Things I Do Even When I'm Crazy Busy and Overwhelmed

Posted June 15, 2017 in overwhelm, self-care, meditation, workout, fitness, stress management, stress, exercise

When life gets busy or you overbook yourself, avoid burn out by using these two simple tips. 


I admit, I overbooked myself this month. 

This isn't something that's new to me. If you've been reading this blog for awhile, then you know that I tend to overcommit. 

My tendency to over schedule myself usually leads to me feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and eventually totally burned out. 

While I've overbooked myself once again, I'm doing two things differently that are helping me manage my stress. 

If you're an ambitious, worker bee like me, then this is for you!

First, here's what's been going on this month...

  • I began teaching classes at a new yoga studio. This is such an exciting opportunity! I'm launching three new yoga classes this month, which means by the end of the month I'll be teaching three additional classes each week. This is in addition to the four yoga and fitness classes that I already teach. Sign up for one of my yoga classes here.
  • I launched my free 10-Day Embrace Your Body Challenge (which is so freaking awesome), and I'm getting ready to launch a private online group health coaching program. Which will also be awesome, but it's definitely a lot of work. Sign up here to be on the list to find out about my upcoming program.
  • I committed to teaching/co-hosting 12 essential oils classes in 90 days. I'm so excited to be diving into essential oils on a deeper level and sharing my experiences using them. I have two classes scheduled this month - Happy Hour Happy Oils and Essential Oils for Self-Care. You can learn more about the essential oils I use here.
  • I'm teaching a Meal Prep Freezer Smoothies class. This was a class requested by someone who attended my Ultimate Green Smoothie Class. I loved the idea, and knew that summer was the perfect time to teach this class. Sign up for the class here
  • I'm going to Yosemite next week! The fiancé and I made last minute plans to travel with my cousin and her husband for a hiking adventure. This trip is going to be absolutely amazing, but I definitely haven't put as much effort into planning as I would have liked. 

I also work full-time, I have one-on-one health coaching clients, I'm trying to plan a wedding and I attempt to sleep for eight hours a night. It feels like a lot now that I write it all down. 

So yeah, this is what I do to myself. It's all because I love helping people live healthier lives, and I get excited about offering classes, programs, challenges and information to help inspire people. 

It comes from a place of wanting to be of service to others, but I often forget to check in with myself first to determine whether I can handle all of it. This is something I'm working on. Living a holistically healthy life is a journey!

People often ask me how I do it all. I won't pretend to have it all together, but this month I've been doing something different. In the past, I just pushed and pushed until I was totally burned out. It wasn't serving me in a positive way, so as soon as I realized I had overcommitted this month I decided to create some change. 

Here's what I've been doing differently...

  • I've been making exercise a priority. In the past, I scheduled health coaching client sessions when I would normally workout or I sat in front of my computer instead of going to a fitness class I loved. There have been so many days when I felt like working was more of a priority than working out, but I talked myself into setting work aside to sweat. I've been going to TRX classes twice a week, taking yoga classes a couple of times a week and taking walk breaks throughout the day. Working out gives me the break that I need, gives me more energy and gives me mental clarity.
  • I've been staying consistent with my meditation practice. At the beginning of the month, I noticed myself choosing to work instead of meditate because I felt like I had too much to do. But that feeling of overwhelm began taking over. So even when I feel like my to do list is a mile long, I still sit for my meditation. It always helps me to feel more calm and approach my work in a less frantic way. Brilliant ideas also come to me during meditation! 

I'm also drinking a lot of coffee ; )

I'm also going to plan some white space. It's not sustainable to just keep going on this. So I'm going to plan a week this summer to do nothing. I'm so looking forward to that week!

How do you stay sane when your schedule gets full and you feel overwhelmed?

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