Weekend Recap {June 16-18, 2017} - Crab Boil

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Welcome to a new week!

I'm so excited for this week because the fiancé and I are leaving for a hiking adventure trip to Yosemite National Park! 

I, of course, have a bazillion things to do in the next few days (I overcommitted), but I'm really looking forward to the break.

Over the weekend, I taught three yoga classes, did some work, cleaned the house, ran errands to pick up last minute items for our trip and hung out with friends at a crab boil. It was mostly work with a little bit of fun and relaxation thrown in...

Friday, June 16

I took the day off from work to catch up on some health coaching administrative work, blogging, working on my nutrition line business and planning yoga classes. I also worked on cleaning the house. 

That evening, I taught my regular Sweat & Sip: Yoga Happy Hour class. I always drink my Minerals & Antioxidants when I teach to stay hydrated. You can sign up for my yoga classes here

I got this new tank at Old Navy, and I love it! It's the Go-Dry Twist Back Tank. I also bought the Go-Dry Strappy Light Support Sports Bra in Multi Palm Print, and it looks really cute under this tank. 

The fiancé and I had dinner at the Market Grille. I ordered a portobello mushroom burger topped with avocado and I had a side of sweet potato fries...and two classes of chardonnay ; )

Saturday, June 17

Breakfast was a green smoothie with almond milk, spinach, frozen banana, liquid fish oil and vanilla plant protein powder

I taught two yoga classes at the CHI Wellness Center - yin yoga and yoga flow. 

When I got home, I had second breakfast - eggs scrambled with spinach and Ezekiel toast topped with coconut oil.

I spent some time weeding our garden. Our kale looks amazing!

Then we headed to Hastings for a crab boil at our friends, Russanne and Justin's, house. This is me posing with our friend, Beth.

*Photo by Russanne

It was a fun night catching up with friends and enjoying some rosé. All of us were wearing the same color. 

I didn't actually eat the crab. It's just not appealing to me, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

The fiancé with his crab and on point summer look. 

It ended up being kind of cool and sprinkling on and off the whole evening. 

It was a fun night.

There was also a gorgeous sunset.

Sunday, June 18

I slept in, then started my day like I do every Sunday...with coffee and reading outside under the pergola. I also checked in with my Embrace Your Body Challenge group. This challenge has been so inspiring! 

I made scrambled eggs with spinach and Ezekiel toast with coconut oil again. 

After doing some cleaning and laundry, I relaxed and watched Orange is the New Black and the Handmaid's Tale. 

We spent the afternoon running errands....at Target picking up last minute items for our upcoming Yosemite trip and at the grocery store picking up ingredients for dinner and for the week.

I was feeling a bit irritable because we didn't have time to go hiking, and had to spend the day cleaning and running errands. I kept reminding myself that we were getting ready for a super fun trip and the day of cleaning and errands was necessary.

I made fish tacos for dinner. I didn't follow a recipe. I just threw them together, and they turned out really well. 

The fiancé made margaritas with this jalapeño limeade we found at Trader Joe's. So good! 

Even though I was in a bit of a funk on Sunday, it was a great weekend. I hope this gives you a nice glimpse into what a health coach eats on the weekends and a look at the fun (and sometimes mundane) things that I do on the weekends. 

What is your favorite thing do on the weekends?

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