How to Break Free from Dieting for Good and Love Your Body More

Posted July 4, 2017 in Summer Body Love Program, body positivity, self-care, love your body, body love

Loving your body more and living the life you truly want is within reach, and there's no diet, meal plan or fitness routine required!


Every spring, I used to write out my weight loss goals for summer. I'd figure out how many pounds I needed to lose each week to reach my goal.

The number I chose, always seemed to have a magical power attached to it. I imagined that once I reached that number on the scale, that I would be happy and confident, and that I would finally be able to begin living my life. 

I would spend the entire spring starting my diet over every Monday, repeating a cycle of strict eating, binge eating, shame and guilt, more binge eating, back to the diet. 

Obviously, I never met my weight loss goal, and I began each summer feeling self-conscious about my body and like a total failure for not having the willpower to get skinny. I also continued to put my true desires on hold because I hadn't reached that magical number on the scale yet. 

But then something changed...I began taking care of myself and living more fully. I stopped waiting for my body to be perfect to live the life I wanted to live, and I began to love my body more. 

This was revolutionary for me because it was the opposite of how I thought I would finally begin to love my body and live a happy life. 

By doing simple things every day to nurture myself, beginning to let go of the shame I felt about my body, and releasing the attachment to the idea that a perfect body meant having a perfect life, I broke free from the diet cycle and I was able to go into summer feeling confident.

The real magic has been in how I've shown up in my life. I've taken huge risks that I never would have imagined before....becoming a certified health coach and starting a business, launching coaching programs to help others get healthier and happier, partnering with a nutrition supplement company, going through yoga teacher training, signing a lease to a yoga studio downtown to teach classes, putting myself out there on the internet every day, being open to being loved and loving someone, and so much more!

I know that if I was holding back on living a full life because of my body, that there are so many women out there doing the same. I didn't feel worthy of being loved or happy, which kept me playing small and torturing my body.

If you've been waiting until you get to that magic number on the scale or until you change your body in some way to live the life you truly want or just do something big that would set your soul on fire, I have something for you.

You deserve to feel amazing in your body and be authentically you!

I created the 30-Day Summer Body Love Program to help you make nurturing yourself a daily habit, begin to shed the negative mantras you've been repeating about your body, and love your body more. 

This isn't a diet. There is no meal plan or fitness program. This isn't about getting a bikini body. 

This program is about creating a lifelong practice of taking care of yourself so that you can unleash your inner sparkle! Imagine feeling gorgeous, confident and totally nourished from the inside out, and living a life that makes you shine! 

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