Fourth of July 2017 Recap

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After having five days off work for my trip to Yosemite National Park, coming back and working three days, I had a four day weekend for the Fourth of July! 

It's been the most glorious few weeks with very little work and lots of summer fun. I could get used to this. 

The fiancé and I didn't have any plans for the holiday weekend, so we just did whatever we felt like doing in each moment. It was exactly what I needed. 

I won't bore you with all the details. I did spend a fair amount of time cleaning and organizing the house, working on my upcoming 30-Day Summer Body Love Program and watching Netflix (watching the current season of Orange is the New Black). 

Here are some highlights from my holiday weekend...

Saturday, July 1

This is how I began each day of my four-day weekend, and it was perfect. I sat outside under our pergola, drinking coffee, reading, meditating, and journaling. 

I just finished reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, and it was amazing. I've implementing some of the things from the book, and I'm already feeling a shift. 

After breakfast and a trip to the farmer's market, I made black bean and sweet potato tacos for lunch. 

The afternoon was very low key, so I sat outside reading through my wedding magazines getting ideas. We grilled out for dinner and stayed in. 

Sunday, July 2

Back under the pergola for my morning ritual. I've been reading Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein for a few weeks. I love the simple daily practices you can incorporate into your life from this book. 

The fiancé had mentioned that he was craving French toast the day before, so I whipped up some vegan French toast for breakfast. 

I made my Minerals and Antioxidant drink because it was hot outside and I wanted to stay hydrated. 

After hanging out around the house all morning and most of the afternoon, we ventured out. We stopped by Buffalo Records and there's a new smoothie shop in town, so we decided to try it out. Most of the smoothies on the menu were ones I could easily and more affordably make at home, so I tried to choose one that I haven't made at home. I ordered a carrot and mango smoothie made without yogurt or milk. It was good, but I definitely prefer my homemade smoothie made with my plant protein powder ; )

The fiancé and I picked up my niece that evening for a sleepover. She and I made essential oil blends and homemade popsicles. She loves making concoctions and creating things in the kitchen. 

You can learn more about essential oils here

The three of us went to dinner at the Market Grille. I was craving pizza, so I had a tomato mozzarella flatbread. When we got home, we made s'mores over our gas stove, then she watched Nancy Drew and I fell asleep on the couch. 

Monday, July 3

My niece always requests protein pancakes with cashew butter for breakfast. I was all out of cashew butter, so we attempted to make some. It wasn't as creamy as it could have been, but it was still delicious.

After breakfast, we went to Target to pick up car washing supplies. Then we came home and she helped me wash my car. 

She watched another movie while I did some work on my laptop, then my brother picked her up. 

The fiancé and I went to Flippin Sweet Burgers with my parents for dinner. I had my usual - Holly Golightly veggie burger with no cheese. 

We went over to my parent's house after dinner to make s'mores in their fire pit and watch fireworks. Their neighbors ended up having a huge firework show, so we sat in the driveway watching them. 

I shared this Instagram post about making room in your diet for s'mores and other treats. It's worth checking out ; )

Tuesday, July 4

When I woke up, I felt inspired to write this blog post about my mindset shift about my body. I wrote outside under the pergola with my coffee. I could totally get used to working in my pajamas outside!

After breakfast, I started cleaning the house for what felt like the 10th time over the weekend. I told the fiancé that I had to get out of the house and do something fun. He asked me what I wanted to do, and I told him I wanted to go swimming. 

Thirty minutes later...

We were at Windmill State Recreation Area for some beach time. 

It was amazing. We expected it to be packed since it was the 4th of July, but there were only a couple of families there. 

We swam in the lake, laid out on the beach, listened to music and relaxed. 

I don't think I've felt as relaxed as I did on the beach in a long long time. 

It was the perfect summer day. 

When we got home, I made a blueberry pie. We ate it after watching fireworks with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

The fiancé grilled a chicken hot dog for me, a steak for himself, and veggies for both of us. We also had corn on the cob. 

We heard music coming from the Buffalo County Fairgrounds, so we rode our bikes over there to see what was going on. They had a huge firework display set up, so we found a spot to sit across the street and watched the firework show. 


I've definitely struggled to get back into work mode after having two long weekends. But I'm really grateful that I've had so much time off this summer. 

I'm feeling a bit headachey from all the dairy that I ate over the holiday weekend...flatbread pizza, s'mores and ice cream. I don't usually eat dairy, but I was indulged in a few treats over the weekend because they sounded good. So this week, I'm focusing on eating lots of nutritious foods and avoiding dairy to get back to feeling good. 


How was your Fourth of July weekend? What was one highlight?


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