Weekend Recap {July 7-9, 2017}

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Another summer weekend has come and gone. After having two long weekends, it was sad to have a regular old two day weekend.

However, I'm home from work today. 

I'm not sure if everything is just a coincidence and unrelated or if everything is connected, but I have a cluster of painful and itchy bug bites on my neck, I have an intense pain from my jaw to my shoulder, I have a terrible headache and my throat is sore. 

It all started last Wednesday, so after six days of being in pain I'm exhausted. I also started to go down a spiral worrying about having a bacterial infection, meningitis or some other awful illness.

Luckily, I don't have anything on my schedule today. So I'm currently watching Dawson's Creek from the beginning (I haven't watched it since high school!) and I'm staying in my pajamas all day. 

I wasn't feeling well all weekend, so I spent a fair amount of time relaxing. But I also pushed through my pain for a date night and a trip to the lake for some beach time.

Friday, July 7

I taught my regular Yoga Happy Hour class. I love teaching this class. It's the perfect way to decompress from the week, and kick off the weekend. You can sign up for my yoga classes here

After yoga, I relaxed outside under the pergola with a glass of chardonnay and Yoga Journal.

Saturday, July 8

I taught yin yoga and yoga flow at the CHI Wellness Center in the morning. 

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach and artichokes, an English muffin with coconut oil, coffee and Minerals & Antioxidants

The fiancé and I rode our bikes to Calico Coffee to get iced coffees. I was feeling incredibly uncomfortable, but I didn't want to let a beautiful summer day go by without getting outside. 

For lunch, I had oatmeal with blueberries, dates and cashew butter and a glass of Greens Blend. I didn't feel like cooking and I was craving something sweet, so this is what I ate. 

I spent the afternoon relaxing, meal planning and doing some things around the house. 

The fiancé and I decided to have an impromptu date night. We went out for dinner at Everest Fusion. 


Indian food makes me happy.

The fiancé and I sat outside under the pergola until the bugs got too annoying.

Sunday, July 10

I started my day under the pergola reading and journaling. I put my mala beads and crystal outside to get ready for the full moon. 

I made a vegan Vietnamese-style iced coffee from the cookbook The Happy Cook. It was the perfect Sunday morning treat. 

I made breakfast burritos for breakfast, but also to freeze for an upcoming camping trip.

The fiancé and I rode our bikes to Art in the Park, and it was crazy hot so we shared a Tropical Sno. My parents met us there, and we walked around looking at the art vendors together. We didn't stay long because of the heat, and I still wasn't feeling well.

I took some pain reliever and crossed my fingers that it would work. We went back to Windmill State Recreation Park to have some beach/lake time.

My beach essentials. 

Luckily, I felt a little better after some swimming and relaxing. 

We enjoyed a couple of craft beers on the beach.

It ended up being the perfect afternoon. 

When we got home, I relaxed and ordered some Sweet Life Nutrition supplements (vanilla plant protein and probiotics).

We had dinner with my parents and planned our engagement party!! So excited to begin making actual wedding plans!

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