Weekend Recap {July 14-16, 2017}

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After almost two weeks of being in a lot of pain because of shingles, I went into the weekend ready to rest and recuperate. 

The fiancé and I didn't have any plans, which was exactly the kind of weekend I needed. We ended up going on a few low-key adventures, spending time in the kitchen and watching Netflix, of course.

Here's a recap of the weekend...

Friday, July 14

I finally wrote the San Francisco recap on the blog! It always takes me awhile to get to my travel recaps because I take a million photos during our adventures. 

My functional medicine doctor suggested that I get acupuncture for my shingles. My chiropractor did acupuncture and cold laser therapy on/around my rash.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching Netflix. 

Saturday, July 15

I sat outside under our pergola to read, journal and meditate. I did a guided meditation on pain relief and healing. I'm still reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, and it's so good.

During my meditation, I felt like I might want to try practicing yoga. I've only been teaching yoga classes, without a lot of demonstration, because I've been in so much pain. At the last minute, I decided to go to the Saturday morning yoga class at the CHI Wellness Center. 

During savasana, I felt better than I had felt in weeks. It was nice to have some relief.

When I got home, I made scrambled eggs with turmeric, sautéed spinach and sprouted grain toast with drizzled olive oil. 

The fiancé and I spent a lot of the day downtown for the show and shine vintage car show, which was part of the Cruise Night weekend. We met up with our friends, Carmen and Clark, and had lunch with them at Nick's on the Bricks. My dress matched that car, so I asked the fiancé to take my picture. My dress is from Athleta, and I'm obsessed with it. It has pockets!

We also grabbed a beer at Gillies. It was super hot, so we walked around then cooled off in stores and the bar.

When we got home, I was exhausted. We grabbed fast food tacos for diner, which were not good and didn't make me feel great. 

Sunday, July 16

After I woke up, I sat outside under the pergola to read, journal and meditate. 

I got a burst of energy and made paleo zucchini muffins and vegan zucchini brownies with the zucchini from our garden. 

The brownies ended up being a bit dry. 

We have so much!

For breakfast, we had zucchini muffins and veggie egg scrambles. While everything was cooking, I cut up a watermelon and picked kale from our garden.

In the afternoon, we went on an adventure to Johnson Lake.

We sat under the shade of a tree on the beach, and swam for a couple of hours. It was really relaxing.

That night, we met my parents for dinner at Market Grille. I had salmon with wild rice and grilled veggies. 

I felt better than I have felt since I got shingles, so it was nice to have some relief from the pain. I still have nerve pain on my neck, but my rash looks a lot better. I'm slowly healing!

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