Healthy Beach Day Essentials

Posted July 20, 2017 in Healthy Beach Day essentials, hydration, antioxidants, energy balls, plant protein, sun protection, electrolytes, Minerals and Antioxidants

Beach days are the best days! Here's what I pack in my beach bag to stay healthy and happy!


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Let's be clear, when I say beach, I mean the swimming beach at a lake. I'm from Nebraska, and there are no oceans nearby, so we're stuck with heading to nearby lakes to get our beach fix. 

My parents have always had a pool in their backyard, so that's usually my go to swimming destination in the summer. But my parents recently moved, and they don't have a pool yet. 

So the fiancé and I have been exploring the swimming beaches at lakes near our town. 

It's been fun to go on mini adventures on the weekends to check out new places, soak up the sun and relax in the water. 

So far, we've explored Windmill State Recreation Area, which is a 20 minute drive from our house, and Johnson Lake, which is about 45 minutes away. 

The lakes in Nebraska are really beautiful, and the sky is always a stunner. 

We've been really lucky that the beaches haven't been super busy when we've gone. 

After a few trips, we've become pros at packing our beach bag. 

We usually have that "what do you want to do today?" conversation, decide to go to the lake, pack our beach bag and head right out the door with little planning. 

I'm fully aware that most people who head to the lake beach don't glam up, but I love the way that I feel in a beachy maxi dress, big sunnies and a giant hat. I believe that you should do (and wear) what makes you feel confident!

By 'Healthy Beach Day Essentials,' I mean all the things that keep us healthy when we're in the sun from skin protection to hydration to the things that make us happy. I'm all about health from a holistic perspective!

Here are my Healthy Beach Day Essentials:

Big Floppy Hat - Protecting my face from the sun is an absolute must. I love wearing a wide-brimmed hat to keep my face shaded when I'm lounging in the sand. I bought an inexpensive hat that I don't mind getting sandy.

Crushable Beach Floppy Sun Hat / Foldable Beach Sun Hat UPF 50

Sunnies - A must all summer long. I love oversized cat eye sunglasses so much!  They feel so glam. 

Oversized Retro Sunglasses / Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunscreen - I'm pretty rigid about my sunscreen wearing. My skin is fair, so I burn easily. I try to remember to reapply my sunscreen a few times during our beach trips. 

But I also love to have a slight sun kissed glow, so I've been getting organic spray tans at Kearney Massage and Day Spa. I also use Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen. 

Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen / Coola Sport Organic Suncare

S'well Bottle - Sometimes when we're swimming, we don't think about drinking water, but it can be easy to get dehydrated. S'well bottles keep your water cold for hours even in the hot sun, and you don't have to worry about toxins from plastic getting into your water. Plus, they come in really fun colors and prints. 

S'well Bottle

Beach Read - There's nothing better than laying on the beach and reading a good book. I usually prefer chick lit fiction for the beach, but I've been on a major personal development book kick lately. 

The Goddess Revolution: Make Peace with Food, Love Your Body and Reclaim Your Life / Big Little Lies / Moon Power: Lunar Rituals for Connecting with Your Inner Goddess / The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

Bluetooth Speaker - The fiancé and I love to listen to a bosa nova playlist on Spotify. It's the perfect beach music. 

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Round Beach Blanket - I love having a beach blanket to lay on so that my beach towel stays dry and I can use it to dry off or sit on in the car on the drive home. I'm obsessed with the round mandala beach blankets. They're so pretty. 

Round Mandala Beach Blanket

Energy Balls - The fiancé and I have taken short trips to the beach this summer, so we haven't taken snacks. But if we ever go for a little longer, I'm definitely taking my homemade energy balls. We always take a small cooler, so we could store the energy balls in the cooler to keep them from melting. 

Vanilla Protein Balls / Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Energy Balls / Vanilla Almond Energy Balls / Salted Coconut Chocolate Energy Balls

Craft Beer in Cans - Did I say healthy beach day essentials? There's not much that is more relaxing than enjoying an IPA on the beach, so I'm OK with a little indulging. 

Minerals & Antioxidants - Because we're in the heat and drinking alcohol, staying hydrated is even more important. With a cooler, I can store my blender bottle filled with water and a scoop of my Minerals & Antioxidants powder. 

The antioxidants are great hangover helpers and the mix contains natural electrolytes, which are perfect for hydration. 

Minerals & Antioxidants

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