Weekend Recap {Aug. 4-6, 2017}

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Smoothies, yoga, rosé, delicious food, friends and family. I would say my weekend was pretty great. 

The fiancé and I didn't have many plans, which was good because the rest of the month is booked up. I used our free weekend to do some cleaning and purging, and it felt so good. 

We also made a quick trip to Hastings to celebrate a friend's birthday, and we ate such great food. 

Here's a recap...

Friday, Aug. 3

Before teaching my Friday yoga happy hour class, I blended up a green smoothie. I used my Beauty Greens Smoothie recipe, which is my current go to.

 My yoga class was a more physical practice focused on toning the booty. I was sore after class!

After yoga, I enjoyed a glass of rosé and relaxed. Dinner was a simple rice bowl with veggies and black beans. 

Saturday, Aug. 4

It was only 60°, but I still sat outside under the pergola to enjoy my coffee, journal and meditate. 

I went to a yoga class taught by my friend, Sarah. It was a great grounding practice with lots of sun salutations. 

I had cold protein oatmeal for breakfast. Old fashioned oats, vanilla plant protein powder, cinnamon, almond milk, honey, dried blueberries, fresh blueberries and almond butter. 

I've been doing the Minimalism Challenge, so I spent a lot of time on Saturday going through things and getting rid of things. I went to the consignment shop to drop off some shoes and posted some items on our local buy, sell, trade site. 

Letting go of some items during the Minimalism Challenge has made our house (and me) feel lighter. 

The fiancé and I drove to Hastings for our friend, Russanne's, birthday dinner. We were early, so we stopped at First Street Brewing for drinks first. 

We shared a flight of beer. Their pretzels were so good! They had some kind of seasoning on them. The beer was good too!

We met up with our friend group and had an amazing three-hour dinner at Odyssey. We started with drinks and a hummus plate. I had salmon, risotto and Brussels sprouts. I broke my dairy-free eating for this meal, and it was so worth it. That risotto was amazing!

The fiancé and I shared this peanut butter creme brûlée. It may have been the best dessert I've ever eaten. 

After dinner, we stopped at a couple of bars for drinks to continue the celebration. It was a really fun night. 

There was a time when eating a meal like this would have made me feel really guilty (during and after), and I would have felt the need to start my diet over on Monday. But now, I feel totally present during a meal like this and enjoy every single bite. It was such a fun night of celebrating and catching up with friends, and I don't want it to be scarred by food guilt. After enjoying a meal like this, I simply move on. 

Sunday, Aug. 6

I slept in until 8:30 since I didn't get to bed until 1:30 a.m. The morning started very slowly. I had cold oats again for breakfast. 

I spent the morning and early afternoon cleaning. I usually hate cleaning, but the Minimalism Challenge has me feeling motivated. 

I made avocado toast with eggs for lunch, but I added kale, tomatoes and basil from our garden. It was so good! This is how I make avocado toast.

I went out to the garden to pick kale to give away to friends, and discovered lots of vegetables!

I picked quite a bit!

I made kale chips, but I think I burned them. They still tasted good, but they're pretty crispy. 

My post-gardening hair. 

We had dinner with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, niece and my SIL's parents. My mom made homemade noodles and baked chicken, and I brought a salad. We enjoyed s'mores over the fire pit in the backyard after dinner. 

It was such a good weekend. Now, we're gearing up for lots of travel on the weekends! 

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