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Posted August 11, 2017 in MyFlo, Lunar Logic, moon cycles, Kate Northrup, the Minimalists, minimalism, vision board, period tracking

There's nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do so either.


It's been forever since I shared some of my recent favorite things. I love doing these posts because I love sharing the random wellness things that are helping me live my healthiest and happiest life. 

Today's favorite things all have to do with cycles. This is something I've been obsessed with lately. I first started thinking about cycles when I began following Kate Northrup. She teaches the cycles to sustainable success, which I'm still learning about and trying to implement into my life and business. 

Basically, our society tells us to keep moving full steam ahead, but we should really be working in cycles - allowing time for rest and regeneration before producing more. 

I love this idea because I've experienced burn out, overwhelm, stress and exhaustion from constantly creating and producing. 

So I'm sharing some of my favorite things that are helping me track cycles and live a more cyclical life rather than a linear one...

Lunar Logic Moon Cycle Manifestation from Jennifer Racioppi

I've been keeping a new moon/full moon journal for a few months now, and doing intention setting and meditation during each new and full moon. The photo above is from my recent full moon meditation. 

I'm definitely not an expert, but I've been loving learning about the moon cycle and astrology lately. The Lunar Logic guide tells you exactly when each new and full moon is happening and how to tap into the energy related to each moon. 

MyFlo App

I recently started using this app to track my cycle, and it's a game-changer. The app helps you balance your hormones through lifestyle suggestions such as nutrition, exercise, love and work focus. It also provides detailed information about each phase of your cycle. 

The best part is that the app sends an email to your partner telling them what phase of your cycle you're in, what type of communication, sex, dates, etc. are best for you. The fiancé really likes getting the emails ; )

Transitioning my vision board

I got to remove a photo from my vision board! I took off the photo of Yosemite National Park because we went there in June. I still need to write a recap of this trip! I've been procrastinating because I took a million photos and going through them seems daunting, but it's on my to do list!

I took some time to add some new things to my vision board including photos of the fiancé and I in kayaks, a camper and a "Say 'I Do' to Colorado" magazine clipping (since we want to get married in Colorado). 

Vision boards allow you to create visual representations of your dreams and goals. Creating physical images of your dreams puts them out into the universe and helps keep them on the forefront of your mind so that you continue working towards them. 

Minimalism Challenge

I'm currently going through a period of wanting to create space. As soon as I felt this need for more spaciousness (physically and mentally), I came across a post about the Minimalism Challenge. 

I knew it was exactly what I needed to begin creating the physical space that I'm craving right now. I'm only one-third through the challenge, and I've already gotten rid of nearly 70 things! 

All you do is get rid of the number of things that correspond with the day of the month. So on the first, you get rid of one thing. All the way to the end of the month, getting rid of 31 things on the last day of the month. Do it! 

What are your thoughts on paying attention to cycles and living a more cyclical life? Share in the comments?

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