How Self-Care Can Help You Succeed in Work, Love and Life

Posted September 7, 2017 in self-care, stress management, success, intention setting, goal setting, health coach, self-care practice

This simple shift could help you go from overwhelmed to knowing you're on the right track to achieving your goals. 


Over the past couple of weeks I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to be productive. I've been creating rigidity in my days, scheduling out the work I need to do each hour of the day, to accomplish more. 

Yet, I still felt like I wasn't doing enough. I wasn't getting all the things on my to do list done and panic was settling in.

I've always been a list maker and someone who preferred to stay busy, but over the past few years I've also become someone who is a striver, a goal setter and a doer. Often to the point of getting burned out, overwhelmed and stressed. 

I have a new therapist, who has been helping me work through a major life transition, and she pointed out that when I don't feel like I'm productive enough, I translate that into - I'm not good enough. 

In my New Year intentions, I even wrote, "I release productivity as self-worth." Whoa. I hadn't revisited my New Year intentions for awhile and totally forgot about that. 

I didn't even realize how hard I was being on myself. 

In addition to beating myself up for not doing enough, I was also choosing time on my computer over things that nourish me. Or I would feel guilty for spending time watching Netflix, going on a hike or sitting outside to read because I didn't feel like they were things that were moving the needle forward in my business. They weren't work!

My therapist suggested that rather than judging myself for the things I didn't accomplish at the end of the day, that I try listing all the things I did...including the things that nurture my mind, body and soul. 

She said spending time in nature, taking a walk, practicing yoga or sitting outside are necessary for idea creation, tapping into my intuition, connecting with my truth and allowing in creativity. All things that are essential for the growth and success of my business. 

Corporate America doesn't allow time for this, she said. We're all taught to be productive from 8 to 5, check everything off our to do list and keep producing. 

I've talked a lot about self-care here on this blog and with my health coaching clients. I've always known the power that self-care had to help us have more energy for work, family and friends, and to feel more fulfilled. But this created a perspective shift for me. 

Truly nurturing ourselves is the key to creating both success and happiness. 

So I challenge you to let go of the need to review the check marks on your to do list at the end of the day, and make a list of ALL the things you did including the ways you took care of yourself. 


Self-care looks different to each person, but nourishing your body with healthy foods, moving your body in ways that feel good and loving your body more are essential self-care practices. 

Making changes doesn't have to be hard and doesn't require restrictive dieting or crazy hard workouts. 

Get one-on-one guidance, support and accountability from a certified health coach. Email to schedule your free discovery session. 

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