10 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Fall

Posted September 25, 2017 in self-care , Fall, self-confidence, love your body, relaxation, essential oils, healthy eating, fall recipes, practicing self-care in the fall


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It's officially fall! 

I love this time of year. The weather finally cools off, leaves begin to change colors, pumpkin displays start popping up all over, and it's time to break out the cozy blankets and sweaters. 

As mother nature is transitioning, we typically go through some changes this time of year as well. We go from easy going summer days to school schedules or fewer vacation days from work. This is usually a time of year when we begin to get busy again. 

So it's even more important to take the time to care for yourself. 

Self-care is simply doing anything that makes you feel the way you want to feel. Do you want to feel relaxed, at peace, full of joy, inspired or adventurous? Making time for self-care allows you to replenish your spirit. 

I change up my self-care routine depending on the season. Fall may be my favorite self-care season because of all the opportunities to get cozy and relax. Here are some ideas to inspire you to take care of yourself more this season...

  1. Curl up under a cozy blanket, drink some Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea and read a book. This fall, I'm going to be reading The Lying Game by Ruth Ware and Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
  2. Go on a walk on a trail or where there are lots of trees by yourself. Skip the music or audiobooks, and just pay attention to what's happening in nature. 
  3. Make Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes for breakfast or a morning snack, and enjoy them with a cup of coffee. 
  4. Make your house smell like pumpkin spice with essential oils. Diffuse 3 drops of clove, 3 drops of cinnamon bark, 2 drops of nutmeg, 1 drop of ginger and 1-2 drops of orange in your diffuser. You can find my favorite essential oils here
  5. Buy some decorative gourds and small pumpkins, and make a fall centerpiece on your kitchen table. Rather than eating your meals in the living room while watching television, eat at the table and enjoy your new decor.
  6. Get your girlfriends together for a crafternoon. Find a fun (and simple) fall craft on Pinterest, split the cost of the supplies and have everyone bring their own wine. 
  7. Transition your closet from summer to fall. As you move your sweaters, jeans and boots back into your closet, get rid of anything that no longer fits or that you don't love. Make a list of fall staples to purchase or pieces you'd like to have for fall. Sign up for Stitch Fix or go shopping!
  8. Go to a pumpkin patch or go apple picking with your family or a group of friends. 
  9. Create an at-home spa by taking a bath, putting on a facial mask and/or hair mask, lighting some toxin-free candles and listening to relaxing music.
  10. Write down some of your favorite fall meals and find healthified versions on Pinterest. Choose one or two to make each week, add them to your meal plan and add the ingredients to your grocery list. 

Bonus Tip: Take some time to write down your intentions for fall. How do you want to feel this season? What can you do to cultivate that feeling? 

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