Using the Phases of the Moon for Intention Setting and Manifesting

Posted October 25, 2017 in moon cycles, moon rituals, intention setting, manifesting, self-care


This post is may seem like a huge detour from my usual healthy recipes and wellness tips, but tracking the phases of the moon has become an integral part of my self-care routine so I thought I would share.

I first became interested in the cycle of the moon when I started following Kate Northrup. She has an amazing online membership called Origin where she helps entrepreneurial women achieve more by doing less. I joined Origin a few months ago, and I've learned so much...including how to use the moon phases to help me be more efficient and strategic in my business. 

I also started following Jennifer Racioppi and Mystic Mamma to get astrological updates. 

For me, using the phases of the moon helps me to feel the way I want to feel, get clear on my intentions and take time to think about what I want my life to look like. 

Here are a few ways that I use the moon for intention setting and manifesting... 

New Moon and Full Moon Rituals

The new moon is all about new beginnings, setting intentions and planting seeds. I typically write down intentions and things I want to manifest, take some time for meditation, pull cards from my affirmation decks, and use sage to clear out any negative energy.

The full moon is all about culmination and letting things go. During a full moon, I write down things that are no longer serving me as release statements. For example, 'I release using productivity as a measure of my worth' or 'I release comparing myself to others.' Then I meditate, use sage and place my mala beads and crystals outside under the full moon. 

Planning My Week

In addition to my moon rituals, I take some time at the beginning of each week to check in with what's happening with the moon. I read updates from Jennifer Racioppi and Mystic Mamma to see what's going on astrologically, and I plan my week accordingly. 

This can be as simple as planning to start new projects or pitch partnerships or take time for myself based on what's going on with the moon.

The best part of using the phases of the moon is watching magic unfold. For months during each new moon, I set the intention to create more white space in my life. 

At the time, I was working 8 to 5, building my health coaching business, teaching yoga classes and fitness classes, teaching the occasional essential oils class, volunteering and more. I felt over scheduled and overwhelmed. I struggled to say no to opportunities that had to do with my business, yoga or wellness because that's what lit me up. 

In addition to my full schedule, my full-time job was becoming increasingly stressful. The work environment in my office was causing me to experience anxiety daily. 

I dreamed of having the space to work in an environment that inspired me, and was positive and uplifting. Every day, I visualized what my life would look like if I could have freedom from my toxic workplace, freedom to live up to my potential and space to do the work that I truly wanted.  

During the solar eclipse new moon, I set an intention to create more freedom in my life. I did a small ritual with meditation, my rose quartz and a mason jar full of water while sitting on a curb while I was working. When I got home, I wrote down my intention in my moon journal. 

The next day, I left my job unexpectedly. It was exactly what I desired and what I had been visualizing for a long time. 

Do you use the phases of the moon for intention setting or manifesting? Share in the comments!

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