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12 Days of Self-Care {Halfway Recap}

Posted December 18, 2015 in self-care, 12 Days of Self-Care, healthy living and 3 more

We're already halfway through 12 Days of Self-Care! I hope you have been taking some time each day to practice a little self-care.

I have realized that I really needed this challenge this year! Last week, I wrote about my feelings of overwhelm and how my stress is impacting my health. Then this week, I crammed my schedule with way too many things. The stress manifested into a two-day headache and feeling incredibly run down. I will learn, I swear!

But this challenge has forced me to do at least one thing for myself each day that requires me to slow down and listen to my body, mind and spirit. I've been sharing my daily self-care practice on Facebook, so make sure you're following me there!

Here's how I've been caring for myself during the challenge...

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