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Weekend Recap {July 2-6, 2015} - 4th of July Celebrations!

Posted July 6, 2015 in Weekend Recap, weekend, 4th of July and 7 more

I love a three-day holiday weekend! All weekends should be three days (and filled with summer fun ; )

As usual, I had a long to do list and only made my way through part of it. I really tried to focus on having fun and enjoying the weekend without feeling like I should be doing something more productive. I often struggle with enjoying the moment without thinking about the next thing I need to be doing. It's something I'm working on...being present.

I often remind myself that when I look back at my life I don't want to think, "Wow, I was really great at getting my to do lists done." I want to look back at my life and think, "Wow, my life was full of adventure, laughs, love and fun."


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