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How I plan to stay healthy during my trip to Georgia

Posted June 25, 2014 in travel, Georgia, healthy living and 6 more

Staying healthy while traveling is hard! Airports don't usually have tons of healthy options. You have to eat out for nearly every meal. When you go-go-go, you are exhausted and crave carbs. And you give yourself an excuse to eat all the food because you're on vacation!

I do believe it's possible to have a healthy vacation. But it takes planning!

I'm heading to Georgia this week for an 11-day adventure - FitBloggin Conference in Savannah + vacation time + being a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding in Atlanta. I want to feel fit, healthy and full of energy during this trip, so I'm planning ahead to make sure this trip is a healthy one.

Here's my stay healthy plan:

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Throwback Thursday: My last trip to Atlanta

Posted June 26, 2014 in travel, vacation, Georgia and 3 more

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As you read this, I'm probably mid-flight to Atlanta!

I'm heading to Georgia for an 11-day adventure that starts with a few days in Savannah at FitBloggin, a conference for health and fitness bloggers. After the conference, I will drive back to Atlanta and hang out with my aunt, cousin and her fiancee for a few days before the BF arrives. The last few days of my trip will be all about my cousin, Kristi, and her fiancee, Avery, as we celebrate their wedding.

It's going to be a great time. 

But since it's Throwback Thursday, I thought I would share a few photos from my first trip to Atlanta back in 2008(?). My cousin, Jenny, and I went down there to visit Kristi, who had only lived there for a couple of years at the time.

I don't love the way I look in these photos. This was right before I started running and eating healthier. But it shows how far I have come!

Here's what we did in Atlanta...

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What I'm taking to Georgia

Posted June 26, 2014 in travel, vacation, healthy travel and 3 more

What does one pack for an 11 day trip to the south in the middle of summer?

That's a good question. I was a bit overwhelmed about packing for this trip because so much will be happening - 2 days of travel, 2 days in Savannah for FitBloggin, 1 day of hiking, 4 low key days in Atlanta and 2 days of wedding celebration. I need everything from dirty hiking clothes to a bridesmaid dress!

I'll spare you all the details of my suitcase, but I thought I would share a few things that will help me out during this adventure.

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Dipping my feet in the ocean on Tybee Island

Posted June 30, 2014 in travel, vacation, Beach and 5 more

I had a whirlwind of a weekend at FitBloggin in Savannah, GA. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information I took in at all the sessions, from the sponsors and from all the bloggers that I met.

So I'm keeping this post light and fun. After I checked out of my hotel Sunday morning, I made a little side trip before heading to Atlanta. 

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FitBloggin Recap - Days 1-2

Posted July 1, 2014 in FitBloggin, Georgia, Savannah and 5 more

The few days I spent at FitBloggin last week were a whirlwind! I met so many inspiring and wonderful people, learned tons about blogging, and left with lots of ideas. I'm excited to make my blog better, and make it a fab place for you to come for health motivation and information.

So here's what happened the first two days at FitBloggin, a conference for health and fitness bloggers....

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Running in Savannah

Posted July 7, 2014 in running, run, sweat and 6 more

I intended to do a lot more blogging while I was in Georgia over the last week and a half, but I started having trouble uploading photos and I was busier than expected.

But I still want to share some of my adventures! I'll post a few recaps of my food and fitness adventures this week.

First up - running in Savannah...

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Pink Barre Review

Posted July 9, 2014 in barre, travel, workout and 6 more

I've been wanting to take a barre class forever so when I found a class on Go Recess at Pink Barre in Atlanta, I signed up immediately!

I booked a class at the Pink Barre location in Buckhead near my cousin Kristi's apartment where I stayed for a few days. Kristi generously let me stay with her after FitBloggin in Savannah and before the BF arrived in Atlanta and we checked into a hotel. Check out my FitBloggin Days 1-2 Recap and my FitBloggin Day 3 Recap.

If you are traveling, I highly recommend using Go Recess to book fitness classes. I just put in my cousin's address and I found a bunch of fitness classes near her place. This Pink Barre location was just a couple of miles from her apartment.

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Georgia Food Adventures

Posted July 11, 2014 in travel, Atlanta, Georgia and 6 more

One of my favorite things about traveling is eating! I love to try new foods from the area I'm in.

During my recent trip to Georgia, I ate some memorable meals including some delicious southern food! When I travel, I try to eat healthy most of the time and indulge in some of the regional food, special desserts or drinks. I ate healthy breakfasts every day on my trip. I picked up groceries and had oatmeal and a banana nearly every day in my hotel room in Atlanta. I also worked out, hiked and did lots of walking every day. So I got to enjoy some indulgent meals, guilt free!

Scrolling through these photos, it may look like a lot of indulgent meals, but keep in mind that I was there for 11 days! I ate pretty healthy while I was in Savannah for FitBloggin and the first few days I was in Atlanta. When the BF arrived after I had been there for six days, I indulged a bit more.

These are my absolute favorite meals from my trip...

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My last recap from Georgia! - My cousin's wedding

Posted July 23, 2014 in wedding, bridesmaid, travel and 6 more

This has taken me forever to get up since I've been moving and I haven't had internet at my new place. But I wanted to share one more post about my Georgia trip!

If you remember, I went to Georgia to attend FitBloggin (see my recaps here and here) and to attend my cousin Kristi's wedding! I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid! She and Avery are such a beautiful couple. It was fun to celebrate with them!

*Just a little side about Kristi and Avery: They are hardcore CrossFitters, and are very healthy, which is why it was super easy to workout and eat healthy when I stayed with them during the first part of the Atlanta leg of my trip (see my Georgia food adventures here). A lot of their CrossFit friends also attended the wedding. I didn't mention that I'm a CrossFit quitter ; )

I don't think most people are close with their cousins, but Kristi and I have always been close. I'm just a year older than her, so growing up we always played together. We both attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the same time, so we got into lots of college mischief together. After college, we even took a fun girls trip to New York City. And now, even though we live miles and miles away from one another, we still stay in touch! We have a lot in common and we can gossip about our family! Lol. So I was so happy to be a part of her wedding. She is really a kind hearted and giving person. She's also a go-getter and a super fab interior designer in Atlanta! Such a beautiful person.

Here are some highlights from her and Avery's beautiful wedding...

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