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The Best Black Friday Deals

Posted November 26, 2014 in Black Friday, Thanksgiving, shopping and 12 more

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love this holiday because it's a great reminder to slow down and think about things we are grateful for. I have so much to be thankful for this year! The BF and I moved in together, my family is happy and healthy, my blog is better than ever, I'm halfway through my Institute for Integrative Nutrition classes, I feel healthy and happy and so much more!

The BF and I will be in Hastings at his grandma's house enjoying dinner with his family. While I'm not in love with most of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes (green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc.), I absolutely love the BF's family's sweet potato casserole. It's whipped sweet potatoes with a brown sugar nutty topping. Mmmm. That's what I'll be indulging in!

To prepare ourselves for the big food day, the BF and I plan to run the YMCA's Turkey Trot. Note the word "plan". Last year it was absolutely freezing, so we'll see if we get out there to brave the cold again this year.

Need some tips on staying healthy during this holiday?

Check out my 9 Tips To Help You Have a Healthy Thanksgiving, which was featured on Her View From Home.

OK, let's talk about shopping! I've always loved shopping on Black Friday! 

Years ago, my mom, aunt, cousins and I would spend the evening of Thanksgiving pouring over the ads looking at all the deals. We would get up at 4 a.m. Friday to start our shopping expedition. We had so much fun laughing at the craziness of the day and getting energized with cups and cups of coffee.

The photo above was taken in 2010 after an epic Black Friday shopping trip with my mom, cousin Kristi and aunt Adel.

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Friday Faves + My Current Wish List

Posted January 23, 2015 in shopping, Workout Clothes, shoes and 13 more

I took a few days off of blogging this week because I needed a break. I keep adding more and more onto my plate, and I haven't taken anything off!

I'm really looking forward to having some down time this weekend and taking some time to relax!

But before I put on my flannel pajamas and slippers for the weekend, I wanted to share some of my recent favorite things!

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BLACK FRIDAY: The Best Sales for Activewear and Healthy Living

Posted November 25, 2015 in Black Friday, shopping, activewear and 9 more

*This post contains affiliate links. When you click and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting Sweet Success!

If you've been reading Sweet Success for awhile, you've probably realized that I love to shop.

Years ago (before Black Friday moved to Thanksgiving), my mom, aunt, cousins and I, would get up early the morning after Thanksgiving with our coffees in hand and wait outside Target for the doors to open. We would divide and conquer to get the items we wished for. Then we'd move on to the next store. It was more about spending time together, laughing at the absurdity of the day and having fun than the actual shopping.

As stores open earlier and earlier, I become less interested in being the first in line for Black Friday. Last year, my parents, the BF and I drove to Lincoln on Black Friday for some afternoon shopping. The BF and I didn't hit up Target until about 9 p.m. The year before, we all went to Omaha for afternoon Black Friday shopping. I still get my shopping fix, but I don't have to be out with the crazies.

I've also realized that you can get all the deals (and more) online! More online retailers are offering discounts on items the entire holiday weekend. Which is why it's the perfect time to pick up some items to help you reach your healthy living goals!

There are tons of companies having major sales on high quality activewear and healthy living items. So I've compiled a list of some of the best sales this week!

Happy Shopping!

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Friday Faves {April 15, 2016}

Posted April 16, 2016 in Friday Faves, Manduka, yoga and 4 more

Happy Friday!! I hope you have had a wonderful week and you have a fun weekend planned. 

Because it's Friday and I'm ready for fun and lightness, I'm sharing some of my favorite things. 

Feel free to share some of your favorite things in the comments below. I'm always interested in knowing what you're loving right now!

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