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I did a 65-mile bike ride! {or how not to fuel for and recover from a 65-mile bike ride}

Posted August 13, 2014 in Bike, Bike Ride, Kool-Aid Days and 6 more

I completed the Kool-Aid Classic 65-mile Bicycle Tour on Saturday! It felt like such a great accomplishment to ride that far. I had never ridden my bike more than 40-miles before! It was fun, challenging, exciting, brutal, painful and wonderful.

My friend Russanne suggested that we do the ride a few months ago to celebrate her 35th birthday. We picked a training program and followed it…sort of. By "sort of" I mean not at all. I even went without biking for a few weeks when I was in Georgia and while I was moving. My longest ride during my training was 23 miles! So I was obviously under trained for a 65-mile bike ride.

Here's how the ride went…

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Weekend Recap {Aug. 22-24} - (Sort of) camping at Lake McConaughy + battling Nebraska weather

Posted August 25, 2014 in camping, Lake McConaughy, Nebraska and 8 more

Have you ever had a moment when you feel a strong connection to nature? I've definitely had that feeling during stays at state parks, camping, hiking, riding my bike or even during runs. 

This weekend, I had a particularly amazing experience in nature. I tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time! It really was magical being out on the lake, feeling the movement of the water and finding balance in the movement. 

But just hours after having such a peaceful experience in nature, it kicked my ass.

I usually do a day-by-day recap of my weekends, but this time I'm just going to get right to the good stuff....

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Weekend Recap {Aug. 14-16} - Smith Falls State Park Camping Adventure/Disaster

Posted August 17, 2015 in camping, Smith Falls State Park, Niobrara River and 4 more

Happy Monday! I hope you're having a great start to your week.

I'm actually feeling pretty rough after my weekend camping adventure. The BF and I went to Smith Falls State Park near Valentine, NE with our friends Russanne, Justin, Beth and Mark. The adventure/disaster included our GPS not working, a heat advisory, a broken tent, an insane amount of bugs, a thunderstorm, near heat exhaustion and more.

I really wanted to have one last summer adventure, and it was definitely an adventure.

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Making Nebraska the Healthiest State: A look at the health status of Nebraskans

Posted September 25, 2015 in Nebraska, healthy living, healthiest state and 6 more

Earlier this week, I attended "Making Nebraska the Healthiest State," which was presented by Dr. Ali Khan, dean of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, at the annual Public Health Association of Nebraska Conference.

His talk was open to the public, and I thought it would be interesting, so I went.

Khan described the public health status of Nebraskans and how public health entities can work to make Nebraska the healthiest state.

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