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Yosemite National Park Hiking Packing List

Posted June 30, 2017 in Yosemite National Park, hiking, hiking packing list and 4 more

Yosemite National Park is the perfect hiking destination! Here's a list of what I packed (and what I wish I would have packed) for my hiking adventure!


I just returned from an epic hiking adventure in Yosemite National Park! I'll share more about the trip as soon as I edit all the photos I took, but in the meantime I wanted to share my packing list (and what I wish I would have packed). 

Each hiking adventure the fiancé and I have is another learning experience. I was really happy with all the gear that I packed on this trip, and there were a few things I should have taken. 

Here's a look...

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A Weekend in Yosemite National Park

Posted August 18, 2017 in Yosemite National Park, adventure travel, active travel and 5 more

While it would be easy to spend more time in Yosemite National Park, you can see a lot in just two days! I spent a weekend in Yosemite National Park, and I'm sharing all the adventures from my trip.


In June, the fiancé and I met my cousin, Kristi, and her husband, Avery, in San Francisco, and the four of us drove to Yosemite National Park for a weekend of adventure. 

You can read about our time in San Francisco here.

Kristi and Avery had been planning on going to Yosemite for Avery's 30th birthday. They had most of the trip planned when I mentioned that Yosemite was on our bucket list, and they invited us to come along. We bought our plane tickets four weeks before we left!

It ended up being such an amazing trip, and we were so grateful for Kristi and Avery for doing so much planning and coordinating. 

I took so many photos on this trip because Yosemite is absolutely breathtaking. So this post is photo heavy!

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