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Apple Cinnamon Cocktail

Posted October 16, 2014 in cocktail, Fall, champagne and 7 more

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this about a dozen or more times, but I LOVE champagne cocktails! 

I love champs cocktails beyond the traditional mimosa. My go-to recipe is champagne, cranberry juice and a splash of vodka over ice. I sometimes change up the type of juice that I use and use pomegranate. 

Why do I love champagne so much? It's tastes light and you can make a pretty low-cal cocktail with champs. My secret - I buy 4-packs of mini champagne bottles. When you open a large bottle of champagne, you have to drink the whole thing or it will lose it's bubbles. I can't drink a whole bottle, so I buy mini bottles and I can make a single drink!

I wanted to create a fall-ish cocktail using my fave booze. This recipe came together on a whim when I was craving some fall comfort foods. 

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Post-Workout Chocolate Smoothie

Posted June 10, 2015 in smoothie, recipe, healthy and 7 more


I've been pretty obsessed with turmeric lately. I've mostly been putting it in my morning immunity boosting concoction - orange juice, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and honey (I'm getting ready to travel so I'm getting myself as healthy as possible!).

But after a run recently, I had a random idea to throw some turmeric in my chocolate smoothie. Sounds weird, I know. Especially since turmeric is a savory spice used in curry. But turmeric contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds (source), so I thought it would be the perfect smoothie add-in after a workout. Because inflammation occurs in muscles after workouts, I try to eat anti-inflammatory foods to prevent soreness.

I also think turmeric is a magical healing spice. Seriously!

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Collagen Coconut Oil Coffee with Cinnamon

Posted October 10, 2017 in coffee, coconut oil, collagen powder and 3 more

This delicious coffee mixed with collagen, coconut oil and coffee is packed with health and beauty benefits!


I've been drinking this delicious coffee mixed with marine collagen powder, organic coconut oil and cinnamon for the past few weeks, and I'm obsessed.

Since I've been working from home for over six weeks now, I've been drinking more coffee. It just feels cozy to be sipping on hot coffee while I work from the couch or my home office in my sweatpants. 

I typically drink black coffee, but one morning I was craving a little flavor in my coffee. I mixed up this coffee combination, and it became a daily drink. 

I love it because it's giving me some much-needed nutrients in the morning, and I feel like the added fat helps keep my blood sugar more stable. Plus there are tons of health and beauty benefits in the ingredients in this coffee.

Here's the benefits of each of my coffee add ins:

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