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My First Juice Cleanse

Posted January 26, 2016 in juice cleanse, juicing, cleanse and 3 more

I recently completed my first juice cleanse!

I've always wanted to try a juice cleanse, but I've never taken the leap to invest in a bottled juice cleanse and I've never done the research to do a homemade juice cleanse.

But by mid-January, I was feeling like I needed an energy boost. With more grey days than sunny days and working extra hard toward my goals for 2016, I was feeling a bit run down. I had already cleaned up my diet a bit after the holidays, but I just wanted an extra nutrition/energy boost.

Since it was my first juice cleanse experience, I decided to try a one-day cleanse...and the BF decided to join me! 

We picked up five Suja juices each at Target. But, you can also order their one-day or three-day cleanses online. We chose Suja because it was very affordable.

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Guided 5-Day Real Food Detox {First Look}

Posted March 9, 2017 in 5-Day Real Food Detox, detox, cleanse and 6 more


Detoxing and cleansing have become incredibly on-trend over the past few years. You've probably seen ads for slimming or detox teas, fat blocking pills, body wraps that promise to melt away fat and lemon juice detoxes that promise you'll look like Beyonce. 

I've never been a fan of these detoxes because I believe that you can cleanse the body in a safe and nourishing way. 

I'm currently in the middle of creating and testing my 5-Day Real Food Detox, and I'm getting so excited to share it with you. 

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My Top 4 Foods for Daily Detox

Posted March 16, 2017 in daily detox, detoxifying foods, detox and 4 more

Adding detoxifying foods into your diet is super easy! These four detox foods can improve your digestion, reduce inflammation and provide your body with a lot of nourishment.


I've been on a journey to balance my hormones to eliminate hormonal headaches and migraines, improve my energy and lose some extra weight my body has been holding onto. 

Working closely with my functional medicine doctor, I've made some dietary changes (eliminating dairy) and some lifestyle changes (getting off birth control and adding supplements to my daily routine). My hormonal migraines have been completely eliminated and my energy has increased so much. 

I recently had my six-month appointment to go over my blood work results, and I learned that my estrogen levels are still high (which is causing some PMS symptoms) and my liver enzymes are high. So I've been increasing the amount of detoxifying foods in my diet to assist my liver in its cleansing process. 

While I've added more detoxifying foods into my diet for a very specific reason, everyone can benefit from increasing the amount of cleansing foods in their daily diet. 

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Guided 5-Day Real Food Detox

Posted March 21, 2017 in Guided 5-Day Real Food Detox, spring detox, cleanse and 3 more


How many times have you started a diet, detox or cleanse with big goals to lose weight and get back on track with healthy eating only to give up because you felt deprived and restricted?

A detox or cleanse can be a great way to set a foundation for eating healthy, nourishing, whole foods. But it can be frustrating and overwhelming to know exactly how to choose a detox, stick to it and actually create lasting success. 

I'm here to help guide you through a spring detox! 

Spring is the perfect time to detox. It's a season of renewal and rebirth. It's a great time to let go of things that are no longer serving you, and make room for new beginnings and growth. 

Detoxing your body of foods and drinks that are making you feel tired, bloated and moody, and have caused you to gain weight will allow you to go into spring feeling light, energized and motivated. 

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