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What you need to know about essential oils

Posted February 26, 2015 in essential oils, healthy living, Young Living and 3 more


Ever since I got my Young Living USB Diffuser as a gift last December, I've been interested in learning more about essential oils. The extent of my knowledge about oils = lavender is relaxing and peppermint is energizing.

I've been using my diffuser in my office, and I like it, but I never really knew all of the benefits.


I invited my Healthy Dinner Club girls over to learn more about essential oils.

Before I tell you what we learned, I want to share the snacks that I made for the get together!

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Self-Love February Recap

Posted February 28, 2015 in Self-Love February, self love, self-care and 11 more

Today is the last day of Self-Love February. I hope you go into March feeling a little more love for yourself!

Creating content based on this theme was really important to me because there are so many women (and men) who spend too much time criticizing themselves, which leads to self-hate, which leads to not treating your body with care.

Each week this month, I challenged you to do something every day that would help you love yourself a little more. If you didn't participate or missed a week, do it in March (or April or May). Finding self-love is a journey and takes work!

Here's a recap of Self-Love February...

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What's New and Good

Posted March 20, 2015 in Yellowstone, travel, travel planning and 6 more

I've been a terrible blogger this week!

I usually prepare a bunch of blogs for the week over the weekend. But last weekend was crazy busy, so I didn't get anything done. Which is why my blogs have been a bit sporadic this week (I don't always have the time or energy to blog on weeknights). But I thought I would check in with you just so you know I'm still alive.

I'm going to be honest, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. So I need to take a moment to think about the things in my life that are fun and awesome.

Here are some things that are new and good right now...

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Weekend Recap {Oct. 30 - Nov.1} - Halloween

Posted November 2, 2015 in weekend, Weekend Recap, yoga and 11 more

Happy Monday!

I had a relaxing and sleep-filled weekend, which was exactly what I needed. Last weekend, I didn't get much rest and I was feeling it all week.

We did make time for fun…the BF and I celebrated Halloween with friends, we enjoyed two date night dinners out, and I got out and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather with my family.

Here are some details from the weekend....

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Weekend Recap {Nov. 6-8, 2015}

Posted November 9, 2015 in weekend, Weekend Recap, yoga and 9 more

Happy Monday!

I got so much done this weekend! The BF ended up having to work quite a bit, so I used my time on my own to write, prepare for my upcoming sugar cravings workshop and clean the house.

It wasn't the most exciting weekend, but it was productive.

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Using Essential Oils for Running

Posted March 22, 2016 in essential oils, running, half-marathon training and 4 more


I started using essential oils about a year ago, and I've been amazed at how they can supplement my healthy lifestyle. 

I add a few drops of lemon essential oil to warm water every morning to help aid digestion. I rub peppermint essential oil on my temples and neck when I have headaches. I use a blend of oils meant to help relieve stress at night to help me sleep. And I diffuse a variety of oils in my diffusers at home and at work. 

But I recently began wondering how I could use essential oils to increase my performance or aid in my recovery from running. I'm currently training for a half-marathon, and can use all the help I can get! 

So I asked Sarah Sutton, a registered yoga teacher and Young Living distributor/essential oil educator, to share some insight on oils and running. 

I took Sarah's essential oils and chakras workshop last November and I've been taking her yin yoga classes. She is a wonderful teacher, very nurturing, kind and warm. So I was very excited that she agreed to share her knowledge about essential oils here on Sweet Success!

Here's what Sarah had to say…

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Weekend Recap {Aug. 19-22, 2016}

Posted August 22, 2016 in Weekend Recap, weekend, dairy-free and 5 more

Happy Monday! It's a big week! The college course that I'm teaching starts on Tuesday, I have sessions with all of my health coaching clients scheduled this week and I'm scheduled to have a Sweet Success Health Coaching booth Thursday evening. 

I'll be honest, I was crazy stressed going into this week…especially because I got a headache Thursday night and it hung on until 4 a.m. this morning. 

It was the BF's first weekend off all summer, I felt like it was my last weekend of summer and I had a lot I wanted to accomplish to get ready for this week. So being in pain made the weekend stressful.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauty Babes

Posted December 8, 2016 in Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauty Babes, natural beauty, natural makeup and 7 more


*This post contains affiliate links. When you click and purchase, I earn a small commission. I really appreciate your support of Sweet Success! This post also contains links to products my friends sell. I appreciate you supporting them!

This gift guide was inspired by my own skincare and makeup regimen. I started using natural skincare products a couple of years ago, and I've slowly transitioned to using mostly natural products. 

My skin looks better than ever and I feel better knowing that I'm not putting toxins on my body. 

I'm sharing the best gifts for the girl who loves skincare and makeup, but lives a holistic healthy lifestyle. (I kind of want all of this stuff ; )

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Natural remedies for when you're feeling under the weather

Posted February 8, 2017 in natural cold remedies, essential oils, greens and 5 more


*This post contains affiliate links. When you click a link and make a purchase, I earn a commission. Thanks so much for supporting Sweet Success!

It's been a rough week over here. I'm home from work for a second day this week with a gross cold/sinus thing. 

I can't stop sneezing, my eyes won't stop watering, my head is pounding and I'm just exhausted. 

I actually haven't been sick in over a year! I credit my year of health to the fact that I've been on top of my nutrition game...drinking greens almost every day, staying super hydrated, drinking my antioxidant supplement, taking a daily probiotic and multivitamin (which has an antioxidant-rich spice blend) and drinking all the smoothies. I honestly can't believe I made it through last year - a year with a constantly packed schedule and lots of stress - without getting sick. 

It seems like lots of people have been walking around with some kind of sickness lately, so I thought I would share some of the natural remedies I use when I'm sick...

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Summer Essentials for Better Health

Posted June 21, 2017 in Summer Wellness Hacks, lemon water, essential oils and 5 more

Make this summer your healthiest and happiest by adding these simple hacks to your routine!

summer-Essentials.png#asset:8116:medium*This post contains affiliate links and links to companies I represent. With each click and purchase you make, you are supporting Sweet Success so thank you!

Summer is officially here, which means more hours of sunshine, spending more time outdoors and wearing all the maxi dresses!

I absolutely love this time of year. Even though I no longer have summers off, (remember those days?) I still think there's a feeling of freedom in the summertime. 

Maybe it's the longer days or all the opportunities to play outside. 

I've had people tell me that it's harder to eat healthy in the summer because of all the outdoor barbecues, summer cocktails and travel. 

I actually think it's easier to make healthy choices in the summer with the abundance of in-season fresh produce. The body also changes with the seasons, and we tend to crave lighter foods this time of year like giant salads and smoothies. And there's always room in our diets for summer cocktails and our favorite grilling out foods. 

But we could all use some simple strategies for staying healthy during the summer, so I'm sharing a few of my summer wellness hacks...

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How I Use Essential Oils Every Day

Posted July 7, 2017 in essential oils, Using essential oils daily, toxin free home and 5 more


When I first began my journey to live a healthier life, I focused only on food and fitness.

They were incredibly important stepping stones for me, but I soon realized that wellness was about so much more. 

Going through health coaching school was when I first realized the importance of self-care, and how many toxins were in my beauty products. I incorporated a consistent self-care practice and slowly began replacing my old beauty and skincare products with natural products.

In the last year, I've focused on transitioning my household cleaning products from toxic brands to natural or homemade products. 

This is the beauty of going on a journey to live a healthy're constantly learning new things!

I began using essential oils a few years ago, but I've really incorporated them into multiple aspects of my daily routine recently. 

I love that essential oils have allowed me to reduce the toxins in my life and that they're a natural supplement to my health regimens. 

As I was getting ready one morning, I realized that I hadn't shared much about how I use essential oils daily. So I thought I would give you a peek into my day!

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Weekend Recap {July 21-23, 2017} Lake McConaughy

Posted July 25, 2017 in Weekend Recap, Lake McConaughy, camping and 3 more


I can't believe it's the end of July and the fiancé and I just went on our first camping trip of the summer! 

We spent the weekend at Lake McConaughy, the largest reservoir in Nebraska. There are about 76 miles of shoreline, and absolutely beautiful views. Lake McConaughy has white sand beaches, and you can camp right on the beach or really close to the beach. 

We met up with some friends from Colorado for our camping weekend. Because we camped near the beach and not at one of the campgrounds, our campsite was primitive...meaning no bathrooms. This is not my favorite way to camp, and was my only complaint about the trip ; )

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10 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Fall

Posted September 25, 2017 in self-care , Fall, self-confidence and 6 more


*This post contains affiliate links. When you click and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Thank you for supporting Sweet Success!

It's officially fall! 

I love this time of year. The weather finally cools off, leaves begin to change colors, pumpkin displays start popping up all over, and it's time to break out the cozy blankets and sweaters. 

As mother nature is transitioning, we typically go through some changes this time of year as well. We go from easy going summer days to school schedules or fewer vacation days from work. This is usually a time of year when we begin to get busy again. 

So it's even more important to take the time to care for yourself. 

Self-care is simply doing anything that makes you feel the way you want to feel. Do you want to feel relaxed, at peace, full of joy, inspired or adventurous? Making time for self-care allows you to replenish your spirit. 

I change up my self-care routine depending on the season. Fall may be my favorite self-care season because of all the opportunities to get cozy and relax. Here are some ideas to inspire you to take care of yourself more this season...

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DIY Post-Workout Balm

Posted October 11, 2017 in essential oils, post-workout balm, PanAway and 4 more

Soothe your muscles after workouts with this simple homemade essential oils balm. 


* provided me with glass containers to create homemade lotions, scrubs and balms using my essential oils. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

One of my favorite things about using essential oils is being able to make my own beauty and wellness products. 

I've made my own lip balm, toothpaste, under eye serum, yoga massage balm, body scrub, post-workout balm and more. 

All of these homemade products are super easy to make. I've even had my niece help me make some of them, and she absolutely loves helping. 

I got the idea for this post-workout balm from my friend, Sarah. She suggested using two essential oils - PanAway and Copaiba -  that are great to apply topically to muscles and flex points after workouts. 

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