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Week of Workouts {Nov. 15-21}

Posted November 22, 2014 in Week of Workouts, workout, fitness and 8 more

I had another rough week. My headaches/migraines have returned! I woke up Tuesday and Thursday with massive headaches that turned into migraines by the afternoon. 

I've gone months headache free, so I was super bummed that they have come back. Wearing my night guard has really helped. I clench my teeth while I sleep, which causes headaches. Wearing a mouth guard has helped.  I'm really not sure why I'm suddenly feeling pain again.

Usually workouts or caffeine help relieve my headaches, but not this week. Working out made me feel worse, and coffee was no help. I'm going to start keeping a headache journal again to try to find a pattern. 

Despite my headaches, I taught a lot of classes - seven this week! I'm still struggling to fit in my own workouts. I decided to take it easy last weekend because I was feeling so sore from teaching so much (and I'm having some hip pain). It did help me go into the week feeling rested and more recovered than usual.

Here are my workouts from the past week...

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How I Survived an Elimination Diet

Posted February 25, 2015 in elimination diet, healthy eating, headaches and 5 more

In January, I started an elimination diet to determine if my recurring headaches and migraines were caused by food. Read more about that and how to do an elimination diet here.

I eliminated gluten, dairy, soy, corn, sugar, eggs, nuts, alcohol and caffeine for about three weeks. I reintroduced each food one by one every few days and took note of how my body felt.

Before I tell you how I felt after reintroducing foods, I want to share how I felt and what I was eating when all the foods were eliminated. Mostly because everyone kept asking me, "So what are you eating?", like I was starving to death.

So here's what I ate...

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What you need to know about essential oils

Posted February 26, 2015 in essential oils, healthy living, Young Living and 3 more


Ever since I got my Young Living USB Diffuser as a gift last December, I've been interested in learning more about essential oils. The extent of my knowledge about oils = lavender is relaxing and peppermint is energizing.

I've been using my diffuser in my office, and I like it, but I never really knew all of the benefits.


I invited my Healthy Dinner Club girls over to learn more about essential oils.

Before I tell you what we learned, I want to share the snacks that I made for the get together!

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New Year's Goals Halfway Check In

Posted June 4, 2015 in goals, 2015, new year and 8 more

Can you believe we're nearly halfway through the year?!?! 2015 is flying by!

The above photo is what I look like mid-2015, in case you were wondering.

At the beginning of the year, I always like to take some time to reflect on my life and set some goals for the year. I try to look back at my goals throughout the year to make sure I'm staying on track. I thought this halfway point would be a good time to share with you how I'm doing.

Read my original post - My Goals for 2015.

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All-Natural Headache Remedies

Posted December 3, 2015 in headaches, migraines, natural remedies and 6 more


I've been a bit absent from the blog this week because I've been suffering from a migraine for the past few days. 

I stayed home from work all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning because I was sensitive to light and movement. I felt so nauseous it was hard to eat and drink. I spent my time at home trying to read my book club book (The Girl on the Train…so so good!), but mostly just laying on the couch trying not to move.

Today, I have a dull headache and I feel blah and tired.

I first started getting headaches regularly about seven years ago. At the time, they were mostly exercise-induced. After a few years, I finally figured out how to manage those headaches with proper nutrition and hydration.

Now, I get tension headaches pretty easily, but I also get hormonal headaches and migraines. The week of my period it is guaranteed that I'll be in some pain. I've worked with my gynecologist and changed up my birth control method, and I did an elimination diet earlier in the year to see if I had a food sensitivity. 

But I'm still getting headaches. Since I haven't figured out how to prevent them, I thought I would share how I get rid of my headaches. I try to use natural remedies to relieve my pain. However, sometimes the pain gets so bad that I break down and take Excedrin. 

But here are my go-to natural headache remedies...

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