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My First Juice Cleanse

Posted January 26, 2016 in juice cleanse, juicing, cleanse and 3 more

I recently completed my first juice cleanse!

I've always wanted to try a juice cleanse, but I've never taken the leap to invest in a bottled juice cleanse and I've never done the research to do a homemade juice cleanse.

But by mid-January, I was feeling like I needed an energy boost. With more grey days than sunny days and working extra hard toward my goals for 2016, I was feeling a bit run down. I had already cleaned up my diet a bit after the holidays, but I just wanted an extra nutrition/energy boost.

Since it was my first juice cleanse experience, I decided to try a one-day cleanse...and the BF decided to join me! 

We picked up five Suja juices each at Target. But, you can also order their one-day or three-day cleanses online. We chose Suja because it was very affordable.

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