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What are aronia berries?

Posted October 10, 2014 in aronia berries, superfood, smoothies and 9 more

A couple of months ago, I was having a Twitter convo with another blogger about acai berries. I've been dying to buy acai berry smoothie packs to make acai bowls.

Well, Whole Foods Omaha chimed into our conversation and suggested that we try aronia berries because they are also a superfood and they are grown more locally - in Iowa.

I added them to my Whole Foods list, but I haven't been to WF since the recommendation.

Well, I just happened to spot aronia berries at Hy-Vee! I was so excited to try this new fruit.

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Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Oats

Posted October 14, 2014 in breakfast, oatmeal, oats and 7 more

As soon as the weather started to get cooler, I switched my usual morning muesli to warm oats. Oatmeal is my absolute favorite breakfast.

I probably eat oatmeal five times a week! 

Luckily, oats are great way to start the day because they are high in fiber, help control blood sugar levels, contain cancer-fighting phytochemicals, help control blood pressure, help with weight control and give you lots of energy! I always feel so much more energized on days I've eaten a bowl of oats.

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Healthy and Delicious Whole Food Breakfast Recipes

Posted October 28, 2014 in breakfast, whole food, healthy eating and 8 more

Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day. I just love breakfast food.

Also, what I eat for breakfast sets the tone for the rest of my day. When I eat well, I have lots of energy all day long. I typically eat oatmeal in the morning, but I'll occassionally change it up and make protein pancakes, French toast scramble, an omelet, oatcakes or an egg sandwich.

The weekends are a different story. I love to spend a little more time making breakfast and enjoying something a little more decadent like waffles, French toast or frittatas.

Today, I'm sharing my favorite weekday breakfasts. These will keep you energized and feeling great all day! And they're all quick and made with whole foods. 

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Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal {gluten, egg, dairy, sugar and nut free}

Posted January 20, 2015 in oatmeal, breakfast, healthy eating and 8 more

I've been on my elimination diet for over a week now, and I (surprisingly) haven't had any major cravings. But I've been feeling like I need a breakfast change up.

I've been struggling with breakfast because I can't have gluten or eggs! I eat oatmeal for breakfast five or six days a week, so I bought gluten-free oats to help get me through my three-week elimination diet.

To make my mornings move a bit quicker, I made this baked oatmeal. It's perfect because I threw the leftovers in the refrigerator and I can just heat up a serving in the morning!

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Blueberry Lemon Overnight Oats

Posted June 17, 2015 in breakfast, oatmeal, overnight oats and 7 more

I eat oatmeal for breakfast almost every day during the work week. My go-to in the spring/summer is always old fashioned oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, goji berries, stevia, almond milk, berries and almond butter. I throw it together in the morning, and eat it cold. I love, love, love it.

But I decided to change things up, and prepare my oats ahead of time. I got a crazy idea to combine the flavors of lemon and blueberry, and it was magical.

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Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

Posted November 17, 2015 in breakfast, oatmeal, Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal and 4 more

I'm still on a major pumpkin kick!

I made this delicious pumpkin spice oatmeal on a Saturday morning when I was craving a sweet breakfast.

I highly recommend topping this oatmeal with coconut butter and almond butter. It adds such rich flavor, and makes it taste like a decadent treat.

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Nutty Cranberry Oatmeal

Posted December 4, 2015 in breakfast, oatmeal, Thanksgiving leftovers and 6 more

I made my Super Healthy Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving just so I could eat the leftovers in my oatmeal. This is my favorite!

You could use any cranberry sauce, but I prefer my recipe because it's made without refined sugar. I used honey and coconut sugar to sweeten it. I also added chia seeds to give it a little nutrition boost.

Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast. I usually crave something sweet in the morning, and oatmeal satisfies my craving while giving me long lasting energy. I always add nut butter or nuts (or both) to add some protein. 

You could also add an egg to the oatmeal while it's cooking and stir frequently to cook the egg through to add more protein. 

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Eggnog Oatmeal {dairy-free}

Posted December 16, 2015 in breakfast, oatmeal, eggnog and 7 more

Oatmeal is my absolute favorite breakfast. It's sweet, delicious and satisfying, and it keeps me energized for hours.

Oatmeal is such a great breakfast option because it's high in fiber, can help lower bad cholesterol, slows digestion, keeps your blood sugar stable, has cancer-fighting properties and contains tons of great nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, iron, manganese and magnesium.

Lately, I've been getting bored of my usual oats + chia seeds + honey + + apple slices + almond butter combination. 

I recently bought Silk Almond Nog to add to my coffee or make cocktails with, and I had a random idea to use the nog in my oatmeal in place of almond milk. Genius!

I ended up doing half nog and half almond milk, but if you wanted a stronger eggnog flavor you could do a whole cup of almond nog. You probably wouldn't need to sweeten your oatmeal as much if you used more nog.

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Weekend Recap {Dec. 18-20, 2015}

Posted December 21, 2015 in weekend, Weekend Recap, Christmas and 9 more

I can't believe it was the last weekend before Christmas!!

This time of year always feels like it flies by. I spent most of the weekend doing things to get into the holiday spirit. I watched Christmas movies, I Christmas shopped, I did Christmas crafts and I baked Christmas cookies. 

It was exactly what I needed to create all those good holiday feels.

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