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Weekend Recap {Aug. 15-17} - Zucchini overload + Pool time everyday!

Posted August 18, 2014 in weekend, Weekend Recap, healthy living and 9 more

The BF and I had no plans this weekend! We definitely needed it after spending the past three or four weekends packing, moving, unpacking, etc. And I needed a relaxing weekend after last week's 65-mile bike ride. I pretty much spent the entire week recovering.

We took advantage of our free weekend by making lots of healthy meals, soaking up the last few weeks of summer in the pool and watching lots of movies. Although we still have boxes we need to unpack, we decided to give ourselves a much needed break....

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Weekend Recap {July 2-6, 2015} - 4th of July Celebrations!

Posted July 6, 2015 in Weekend Recap, weekend, 4th of July and 7 more

I love a three-day holiday weekend! All weekends should be three days (and filled with summer fun ; )

As usual, I had a long to do list and only made my way through part of it. I really tried to focus on having fun and enjoying the weekend without feeling like I should be doing something more productive. I often struggle with enjoying the moment without thinking about the next thing I need to be doing. It's something I'm working on...being present.

I often remind myself that when I look back at my life I don't want to think, "Wow, I was really great at getting my to do lists done." I want to look back at my life and think, "Wow, my life was full of adventure, laughs, love and fun."


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Weekend Recap {July 10-12, 2015}

Posted July 13, 2015 in Weekend Recap, weekend, meditation and 5 more

Happy Monday! Were you able to relax and recharge this weekend?

I spent plenty of time in the pool and made time for reading this weekend. I also finished up my last Institute for Integrative Nutrition classes. I'm actually sad that my classes are over, but I'm super thrilled because I'm graduating this week! Time to celebrate!

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Weekend Recap {July 24-26}

Posted July 27, 2015 in weekend, Weekend Recap, pool and 3 more

{My new elephant tank from Avani Yoga Studio!}

Summer weekends are flying by way too fast!

This weekend was super low key. The BF and I didn't have any major plans besides hanging with family and friends. I got in some much needed sleep and relaxing, and put my to do list on hold for the weekend.

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Friday Faves {July 22, 2016}

Posted July 22, 2016 in Friday Faves, meditation, summer and 6 more


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Happy Friday!

It's been a long rough week. I'm really looking forward to having a weekend without many plans. I definitely need some relaxation and rejuvenation.

I'm in need of some lightness right now, so I thought I would share some of my favorite summer things. Here they are...

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