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Weekend Recap {Aug. 1-3} - Summer scones, champs and more moving

Posted August 3, 2014 in weekend, Weekend Recap, running and 12 more

(Hanging out on the couch with the BF's dog, Coda)

After spending the last three weekends moving, unpacking and cleaning, the BF and I spent the first half of this weekend doing...not a lot. We got in a couple of workouts, made some delicious meals and relaxed. It was much needed!

But we got back to work cleaning the BF's old house on Sunday. Moving is hard work! I feel like I need a vacation from moving! 

I promise that my Weekend Recaps will be a little more exciting as soon as we finish all this moving stuff!

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Quinoa and Turkey Stuffed Acorn Squash

Posted January 28, 2015 in recipe, acorn squash, winter and 6 more

I made it through the hardest part of my elimination diet! The first two weeks, I eliminated gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, fish, caffeine, nuts and alcohol.

Find out why I'm doing an elimination diet here.

This week, I've been incorporating foods back into my diet one by one.

One of the perks of this experiment is that I've had to get a bit creative with my cooking. Because I workout so much (I've taught 7-8 classes a week throughout the diet), I need meals that will give me lots of energy.

I loved this stuffed acorn squash because it was super filling, flavorful and full of nutrients.

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Ancient Grains 101 - tips and ideas on how to cook ancient grains

Posted October 23, 2015 in ancient grain, millet, quinoa and 7 more

Have you ever tried quinoa, millet, spelt, farro or amaranth?

These grains might not be a staple in the typical American diets, but they've actually been around for centuries, and they're all loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

I eat quinoa regularly, but I've had millet and amaranth sitting in my cupboard for ages. I've attempted to make amaranth porridge for breakfast a few times, and I haven't found a version that I like. So I was excited when Kaiti George, the dietitian at HyVee, said she would teach an ancient grains class for me and my Eat, Drink and Be Healthy Dinner Club.

Our group began as just a few of us meeting for healthy potluck dinners, and quickly expanded into more. We've taken an essential oils class, we took a tour of the HyVee Health Market and I threw us a Healthy Holiday Cocktail Party. We're just a small group of women who want to learn about healthy living!

Here's what we ate and what we learned at our Ancient Grains Class…

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Weekend Recap {Jan. 1-3, 2016} - Last Weekend of my Holiday Break

Posted January 4, 2016 in weekend, Weekend Recap, yoga and 13 more

Well, I'm back at work today after having almost two weeks off. And to be totally honest, I'm not thrilled.

My break from work was much needed. I spent my time off sleeping in, enjoying slow moving mornings, living in my pajamas, watching a lot of Netflix, drinking wine and indulging in more sweets than usual.

But I suppose it's time to get back to the real world. 

First, here's how I spent the last weekend of my holiday break...

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