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How to get out of a funk

Posted May 23, 2014 in health, healthy living, mental health and 4 more

I have been in a complete funk for the past few days.

Working out and eating healthy 100% (even 75%) of the time has been a struggle. I want to share what's going on because I want to be open about how my own stresses and insecurities can get in the way of my health/fitness goals. I also want to share how I get back on track. When I have a day or a week like this, I always make sure that I get right back on track and don't let that week turn into a month and that month turn into many months.

Here's what's going on...

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It's time to start loving your body this February!

Posted January 30, 2015 in self love, self confidence, February and 2 more

February is all about learning to love your body on Sweet Success!!

We spend so much time and energy hating our bodies. It's time we stop criticizing ourselves and start loving ourselves a whole lot more!

This month, I will share:

  • A weekly challenge to help you create a more loving relationship with your body
  • How loving your body and yourself will change your life
  • Tips on how to love what you see in the mirror
  • Ways to treat your body with love and kindness
  • Recipes that will nourish your body and satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Why working out because you love your body is so much better than working out because you hate it + workouts you can do at home

Today, I want to share my own journey to loving my body more...

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Self-Love February - Week 2 Challenge

Posted February 7, 2015 in self love, self-care, meditation and 6 more

Happy Saturday! I hope you had a lovely week, and you are enjoying your weekend so far!

I challenged you to practice self-care every day for the past week as part of Self-Love February. How did you do? I admit, I was off and on. For example, Wednesday was non-stop until about 9 p.m. when I was finishing eating dinner. I crashed in front of the TV for about an hour and was off to bed. I could have used some breaks during the day to reenergize myself.

But for the most part, I took some time for myself every day. Last night, after a particularly moody day, I poured myself a glass of wine and rolled out my yoga mat. It was the perfect ending to not so hot day, and I was instantly in a better mood.

This coming week's challenge is a good one! I challenge you to meditate every day for one week!

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Self-Love February Recap

Posted February 28, 2015 in Self-Love February, self love, self-care and 11 more

Today is the last day of Self-Love February. I hope you go into March feeling a little more love for yourself!

Creating content based on this theme was really important to me because there are so many women (and men) who spend too much time criticizing themselves, which leads to self-hate, which leads to not treating your body with care.

Each week this month, I challenged you to do something every day that would help you love yourself a little more. If you didn't participate or missed a week, do it in March (or April or May). Finding self-love is a journey and takes work!

Here's a recap of Self-Love February...

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Learning to Love Yourself More

Posted February 1, 2016 in self-care, Self-Love February, self love and 2 more

"Love is the nourishment that we humans need to fulfill our greatness. As I learn to love myself more, I learn to love everyone more. Together we tenderly cultivate an ever more beautiful world."

Since February is a month that is all about love, I'm sharing ways that you can learn to love yourself more!

We're starting with self-care. Self-care is the ultimate form of love towards yourself. Because our lives are crazy busy, caring for ourselves isn't always a priority. But when we put everything else in our lives before caring for ourselves, we aren't able to give at our greatest capacity.

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