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Weekend Recap {March 3-5, 2017}

Posted March 6, 2017 in Weekend Recap, hiking, spring detox and 3 more

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I got a lot of rest this weekend. I must have needed it! 

We also got a chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. I'm ready for spring!

Speaking of spring, I have something special I'm working on for you. Find out more below...

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Guided 5-Day Real Food Detox

Posted March 21, 2017 in Guided 5-Day Real Food Detox, spring detox, cleanse and 3 more


How many times have you started a diet, detox or cleanse with big goals to lose weight and get back on track with healthy eating only to give up because you felt deprived and restricted?

A detox or cleanse can be a great way to set a foundation for eating healthy, nourishing, whole foods. But it can be frustrating and overwhelming to know exactly how to choose a detox, stick to it and actually create lasting success. 

I'm here to help guide you through a spring detox! 

Spring is the perfect time to detox. It's a season of renewal and rebirth. It's a great time to let go of things that are no longer serving you, and make room for new beginnings and growth. 

Detoxing your body of foods and drinks that are making you feel tired, bloated and moody, and have caused you to gain weight will allow you to go into spring feeling light, energized and motivated. 

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{Quick} Vegan Meal Prep

Posted March 28, 2017 in vegan meal plan, vegan meal prep, real food detox and 4 more


You have the best intentions all day to come home and make a healthy, homemade meal. But work ended up being crazy stressful, and you're exhausted. So you get take out or eat chips and guac with a glass of wine for dinner. 

Trust me, I know how this plays out. I don't know how many times I've eaten tortilla chips and guac or eggs and toast for dinner because I was exhausted and didn't feel like cooking. 

Eating a lazy meal on occasion isn't a big deal, but when it's a habit you're most likely not getting the nutrition that your body needs. This could lead to low energy, weight gain and more. 

Creating a meal planning and meal prepping routine will set you up for success throughout the week, and make eating healthy easy even on busy days.

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