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How to Stay Healthy When You Work From Home

Posted August 3, 2017 in staying healthy while working at home, eating healthy, start a business and 4 more

When you work at home it can be easy to spend an entire day in front of the computer. But making some simple shifts can make your workday much healthier and happier!


Once or twice a month, I take a vacation day from my full-time job to work at home on my business. It's usually when I feel like I need to catch up on administrative tasks or when I'm creating a new online group health coaching program.

This week, I took a day off to finish up writing copy for my new website and create a new free download for my website launch. So excited for this!

I absolutely love work-at-home days. I love the freedom of being able to throw on athletic shoes and go on a walk when I feel like I need to move or taking a break to put clean laundry away. 

I feel more productive, more positive and less overwhelmed by my to do list when I work at home. I also take better care of myself when I work from home. I listen to what my body needs, and because I'm at home, I can give my body (and mind) breaks when needed. 

And let's be real...I wear my pajamas all day. There is nothing better than that!

I also love that every time I work at home it's totally different. So I thought I would share a peek into my work day at home. 

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