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All-Natural Headache Remedies

Posted December 3, 2015 in headaches, migraines, natural remedies and 6 more


I've been a bit absent from the blog this week because I've been suffering from a migraine for the past few days. 

I stayed home from work all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning because I was sensitive to light and movement. I felt so nauseous it was hard to eat and drink. I spent my time at home trying to read my book club book (The Girl on the Train…so so good!), but mostly just laying on the couch trying not to move.

Today, I have a dull headache and I feel blah and tired.

I first started getting headaches regularly about seven years ago. At the time, they were mostly exercise-induced. After a few years, I finally figured out how to manage those headaches with proper nutrition and hydration.

Now, I get tension headaches pretty easily, but I also get hormonal headaches and migraines. The week of my period it is guaranteed that I'll be in some pain. I've worked with my gynecologist and changed up my birth control method, and I did an elimination diet earlier in the year to see if I had a food sensitivity. 

But I'm still getting headaches. Since I haven't figured out how to prevent them, I thought I would share how I get rid of my headaches. I try to use natural remedies to relieve my pain. However, sometimes the pain gets so bad that I break down and take Excedrin. 

But here are my go-to natural headache remedies...

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Weekend Recap {Jan. 8-10, 2016}

Posted January 11, 2016 in Weekend Recap, weekend, yoga and 8 more

Happy Monday!

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today because I didn't do ANY work over the weekend. I had a long to do list for some upcoming projects, and I didn't cross one thing off my list. 

I just felt a bit off this weekend. I didn't sleep well last week, and felt kind of moody, emotional and blah all weekend. I really should have accepted my need for rest and relaxation, rested and enjoyed it. But instead I stressed about what I should have been doing as I did other things that weren't work.

Today, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. This is what happens when you don't care for yourself! 

This week, I'll take things one at a time to try to reduce stress. I'll also make yoga and meditation a priority so I don't get too worked up about my to do list.

Here's a look at the food, fitness and other adventures from my weekend...

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Super Fruit Antioxidant Iced Tea

Posted July 6, 2016 in iced tea, antioxidants, summer and 7 more


There's nothing better than a cold glass of iced tea in the summer!

The BF has been making pitchers of delicious sun tea for the past few weeks, and I was inspired to put my own twist on summer iced tea. 

I brewed my favorite green tea and black tea, then I added a tropical fruit flavored minerals and antioxidants drink mix. The result was a deliciously sweet iced tea!

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