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Labor Day Weekend Shopping (yoga apparel under $20!)

Posted August 30, 2014 in workout, shopping, yoga and 3 more

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I don't have any major plans this weekend, so I'm taking some time to relax. One of my fave ways to unwind is to lounge on the couch with my laptop for a little online retail therapy!

As you know, I love buying workout clothes! When I'm not at my full-time job, I live in workout clothing. 

Yoga apparel may just be my fave because in addition to being able to do yoga in it, it's so cozy for lounging! The BF always teases me about lounging on the couch in my yoga pants, but they are so comfortable!

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Get motivated to get your Om on!

Posted February 18, 2015 in yoga, shopping, yoga apparel and 1 more

I totally believe that when you look good, you feel better.

The philosophy still applies when you workout! When you're wearing something you like, something that you feel comfortable in and something that makes you feel fierce, you're more likely to get yourself to the gym, out for a run or to a fitness class.

Since I've been doing the #TakeTheLeap 30-Day Yoga Challenge (read my halfway recap here), I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent yoga shopping picks.

As you know, I'm always and forever into printed leggings, so there are a few options below. One thing that seems to be popular going into spring is strappy open back tanks. Very cute! I also included a few items to get you to yoga class while it's still chilly outside.

Happy shopping!

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Finding the perfect yoga class + Soybu outfit review and giveaway!

Posted August 5, 2015 in yoga, Soybu, giveaway and 4 more


*Soybu was kind enough to send me an outfit to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I've been looking for my perfect yoga class for about a year now, and I'm still searching!

Is finding a yoga class really that hard? Well, it shouldn't be. But I do live in a small city in the middle of Nebraska, so my yoga options aren't abundant.

When the BF lived in Hastings, which is about an hour away, I fell in love with Avani Yoga Studio. I drove to Hastings on Fridays after work for Yoga Happy Hour and I often attended their Saturday morning Power Yoga classes. I loved the instructors, I loved the atmosphere and I loved the challenging classes.

A year ago, the BF and I moved in together here in Kearney. I was beyond happy about co-habitating with my man, but I was sad that I wouldn't be in Hastings as often for yoga. So I set out to find a great yoga place in Kearney.

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Happy National Yoga Month

Posted September 9, 2015 in yoga, yoga apparel, shopping and 4 more

*The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Thanks for supporting Sweet Success! All opinions are my own.

Happy National Yoga Month!

I started doing yoga regularly a couple of years ago, and have totally fallen in love. I try to make it to a class at least once a week. I also try to practice regularly in my living room.

Along with my love of yoga, I'm equally in love with yoga clothing. Hello, leggings! Most of my yoga clothing doubles as lounge wear or clothes I run errands in.

There are actually few places to buy cute yoga gear here in the middle of Nebraska. I actually get a lot of my yoga apparel and gear at Target. They have tons of yoga mats, blocks, straps, etc.

The leggings above are from Target!

To celebrate National Yoga Month, Target is offering 20% on select yoga apparel and gear! It's time to stock up!

Here are a few of my picks for yoga month...

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Friday Faves {Yoga Edition}

Posted September 2, 2016 in yoga, Friday Faves, Lululemon and 8 more


*This post contains affiliate links. When you click and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting Sweet Success!

It's National Yoga Month! 

I think every month should be yoga month, but apparently September is a month dedicated to raising awareness about the health benefits of yoga and inspiring people to try yoga. I support that!

Throughout the month, I'll definitely be writing more about yoga. Tell me what you want to know! A beginner yoga sequence, tips for creating a home practice, tips for attending your first yoga class, my yoga wish list, what I've learned in yoga teacher training, yoga clothing recommendations. Share in the comments below what you want to know about yoga.

I only have three months left of yoga teacher training, and I'll probably start teaching yoga classes in November! This has been my year of yoga! Which is why I'm excited to share some of my recent yoga faves. This is what I've been loving lately...

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Fall Yoga Wish List

Posted September 21, 2016 in yoga, yoga apparel, shopping and 4 more


*This post contains affiliate links. When you click a link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting Sweet Success!

I'm barely functioning today after a long and crazy day yesterday. From 5 a.m. to nearly 10 p.m., I was on the go - fitness classes, working my 8 to 5, doing an interview for the local news, teaching my college class and attending my entrepreneur group meeting. Today I feel like I was hit by a truck. 

In an attempt to bring myself back to life, I skipped today's 5:30 a.m. workout to sleep in, I drank my minerals and antioxidant drink and I have a coffee IV at my desk. 

So I'm keeping it light today and talking about shopping.

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Health & Fitness Black Friday Deals {2016}

Posted November 23, 2016 in Black Friday, shopping, health and 5 more


*This post contains affiliate links. When you click and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Thanks for supporting Sweet Success!

Get ready to get your shop on! Black Friday is almost here! 

If you have goals for getting healthier in the new year, need to upgrade your activewear or need some motivation to make healthy changes, Black Friday is a great time to invest in some new gear. Of if you have a friend or loved one that could use some fit gifts, now is the time to buy.

Here are some of the best deals for healthy living this year...

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